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Draft Day Thread: Day 3

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3 minutes ago, Heart of Oak said:

I really like him as a college player, but the average NFL WR is not Collin Johnson. Really hope he works, love his attitude and tenacity. Time will tell I guess.

He's also going to be playing in the slot where he can use his quickness and instincts to match up with twitchy receivers. Not against collin johnsons or the julio joneses of the world for that matter.

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Just now, reddevil said:

Yeah I noticed that. Perhaps he’s  having heated discussions with Gruden about how to get more picks?

they been killing it with those last couple picks...wish we had more picks, stupid Trevor Davis trade. What happened to getting a 7th from the Chicago kicker 

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46 minutes ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

I think at both positions, they couldn't find a starter level talent so they punted for now.

DT we have some depth at so, honestly not worried with Hankins/Collins/Hurst as top 3. best we've had in while honestly. 

S - now harris is backup and solid one with Abram and Randall back there. another best combo we've had in bit. 



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