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Draft Day Thread: Day 3

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7 minutes ago, Frankie2Gunz said:

Unless we draft a RB with our next pick do you guys think we sign a FA to back up Jacobs or roll into the year with Bowden as the primary backup?  If so who?

I don't think Bowden can handle the load if Jacobs get hurt.  

Yes we sign a FA. Hyde would be my first choice.

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Just now, MrOaktown_56 said:

People's jones would be a steal here. That being said, we can't take another WR, even if we put bowden at "RB". 

Hoping one of anae, amik, hall, lynch, and dye are available in about 15 picks.

DPJ is an absolute steal at this point. 

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1 minute ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Happy we were aggressive in FA and got some playmakers with speed on D. We'll need it with all these weapons in the AFCW.

I absolutely HATE to say it, but I really like what Denver has done this offseason. And I had Lock as the number 2 QB last draft. He showed some real flashes. I compared him to Carr before the draft and if he hits that type of ceiling (Carr before the leg injury) with all those weapons and still a solid, if not what it once was defense, they could be incredibly scary in the near future.

The Chiefs are the Chiefs. 

The Chargers have talent all over the roster. I'm glad they got Herbert and not Tua, but if Herbert hits his ceiling they could be a real contender sooner than later. 

I also think we have improved a ton. I think the West in both conferences is going to be a bloodbath next year and beyond. 

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I may have missed him being drafted in the last few picks but Alton Robinson would be my top target by a pretty decent margin if he falls to our next pick. He has a ton of tools to be a high end pass rusher off the edge. 

Wouldn't be mad at another corner in Bryce Hall either. Talent is deserving of the spot and the more cracks at finding high end corner play the better. But it would be really weird to see a draft where we double dipped at WR and CB plus another WR/RB/Gadget guy. Not a typical breakdown of positions for most teams drafts most years. 

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