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2020 NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: 5th round is our jam

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29 minutes ago, NcFinest9erFan said:


Wow, what an article. 

  • In regard to Buck, I'm glad they thought about it from all angles before coming to a decision. Ultimately, I think they made the right one.
  • I'm glad to finally read some facts on the Brady Jimmy G situation. I don't fault them at all for taking a look, considering Brady apparently saying he wanted to come to SF. I think it was used as a good motivator tool to Jimmy. Something like "We looked real hard at Brady, but decided to stick with you because we believe in you, now prove us right." I don't see anything wrong with that. 
  • I think the Aiyuk situation is pretty clear now. We weren't the only ones looking to take Aiyuk in the first. But Lynch saying that he was afraid that 4th they gave the Vikings could've been used by Minny to get Trent instead of us. Interesting roll of the dice on his part and good skills at closing the deal with the Redskins.



So though replacing Buckner wasn’t No. 1 on the grocery list, drafting Kinlaw also addressed a specific need for more size up front (he checks in at 6' 6", 325) and helped there immensely. Especially when the Niners considered that Kinlaw would get to work with a ninja of a D-line coach, Kris Kocurek, and how he fit the team’s style. "It was a perfect match for what we ask our D-linemen to do,” Lynch said, “which is tee off and wreck stuff.”

This is what I've been thinking since the day after the draft. 

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I've seen:

Week 1 - vs AZ

Week 2 - at NYJ

Week 3 at NYG

Week 7 vs MIA

Week 10 at NO

Week 15 at DAL

Week  17 vs SEA

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Some athletes are just bad at running the 40. I, myself, can run a 4.3 on cue, but for others, the technique isn't natural. In other cases, it's just a matter of a ill-timed injury. So yeah, you don't judge a guy on his 40 alone. If the 40 time surprises you, dig deeper. If it's what you expected, that's a check in the box. If it's slower than expected, go back and investigate. If it's faster than expected, investigate even deeper. If anything, players who run faster than what they were expected to scare me even more than those who run slower.

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On 5/11/2020 at 11:27 AM, 49erurtaza said:


This is a great find, and frankly, a no brainer. When I watch the tape vs. seeing the 40, it's clear that he's faster than his recorded time. Now this proves it.

Also, holy smokes Greenlaw! I didn't realize he was clocked so fast. It's funny to read draft "experts" say that Greenlaw is not athletic. For the sake of comparison, Greenlaw's top speed is the same as Todd Gurley's top speed back in 2017. Gurley was clocked at 21.09 on a 57-yd TD run in week 15 in 2017.  

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