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Travis' heir - Running Behind Wisconsin's Badazz - Tyler Biadasz

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18 hours ago, DaBoys said:

McGovern was a redshirt last season. He was injured really early in the offseason and this was supposed to be his first full off season. The guy is a rookie as far as I’m concerned. Biasdaz will likely redshirt this season imo. I see Looney as the guy at center and C-Will as the guy at LG to open camp whenever that is. I give McGovern the inside track over Biasdaz to upset one of the 2 vets. Looney at center being the most likely to be benched. He did play well last time but that was 2 years ago and with a different coaching staff. The new staff will favor the younger talent imo, but C-Will and Looney have chemistry with the current OL. Biasdaz and McGovern don’t. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Looney is the best player on the roster to play the left side of Zack Martin

I think it's time for the staff to admit this line is good but has not been on the level people labeled it as being on. Not just this last year but most of the last 5 years they have underachieved.

If these young guys can step up, and be what we hope and what the film shows, this line has the potential to be very very great again. But it likely wont be this year, what with these young guys still needing work, training camp rotations still in doubt let alone opening day lineup. This may be a patch work line for most of the year.

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