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Eagles trade for WR Marquise Goodwin

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23 hours ago, ianlewis16 said:

Goodwin is TERRIBLE. This weekend has been TERRIBLE. Everything is TERRIBLE. But Goodwin really is terrible. So so terrible. 

Well, I guess its good we only  moved down from pick 190 to 210 to get him. If Goodwin stays healthy, and that's a big if, then thats a great value. If he doesn't work out, who cares? There obviously wasn't anyone they felt they had to pick at 190 that wouldn't be there at 210. So they add a WR they like without losing a draft pick. You don't have to love the trade but its hard to see how you could be down on it. I personally think it's solid risk/reward because the risk is so low that it's not a big deal if there's little to no reward.

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