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Official UDFA Thread

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5 hours ago, MistaBohmbastic said:

Intrigued by Tony Brown. Wasn't there someone here super high on him?



On 3/17/2020 at 11:18 AM, Mind Character said:


** Tony Brown, WR Colorado is now one of my favorite players in the entire draft and an all-my-guy first teamer... his competitive fight and natural feel for the game and route running is exceptional.



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The UDFA's I wanted were

1.) Kristian Welch, LB
2.) Tony Brown, WR Colorado
3.) Trajan Bandy, NCB
4.) Rico Dowdle, RB South Carolina

I had draftable grades on all of them, but thought Kristian Welch had the ability to be special in the future.

Welch went to the Ravens.  Tony Brown (who was one of my favorite sleepers in the entire draft) went to the Browns. Trajan Bandy went to the Steelers.  Rico Dowdle went to Dallas


The Browns UDFA Class that matters:

To me, this UDFA class is cheeks, but there are 5 players that have a chance of making the practice squad when it's all said and done. Only Whatley, Brown, and Moffat potentially have longterm quality upside imo. Green, Obinna, and Bradley have a long shot but are likely JAGs. Everyone else.... and I mean everyone else I've seen and they're cheeks.

1.) Tony Brown, WR Colorado
2.) Jeffery Whatley, DT South Alabama
3.) Jovanta Moffat, S Middle Tennessee St
A-Distant-4.) AJ Green, CB Oklahoma State
A-Distant-5.) George Obinna, LB/Edge Sacramento State
A-Distant-6.) Ja'Marcus Bradley, WR Louisiana-Lafayette

Jovante Moffatt flashed a ton when watching him in January. There's some developmental upside with him

On 1/13/2020 at 12:08 AM, Mind Character said:

The 4 that are Meh But Flash a Lot on Film -- Quality Contributor with Some Long-Term Developmental Starter Upside:

7.) Greg Eisworth, SS Iowa State (6th-UDFA)

8.) Javon Hagan, SS Ohio (6th-UDFA)

9.) Jovante Moffatt, SS Middle Tennessee State (6th-UDFA)



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10 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:


I really didn't watch a lot of Princeton this year, but Davidson stood out to me specifically at the combine because he was nearly as good as Herbert in the drills. His balls had zip and accuracy. I really like that they're giving him a chance and I hope he makes the roster as QB3

5 hours ago, Mind Character said:




Well I'll be a monkeys uncle, sounds like the kinda WR I can get behind. LFG

the fact that he could out produce Shenault, who played in 11 games last yr, says something about his talent and ability to command consistently productive targets

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