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Official UDFA Thread

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1 hour ago, candyman93 said:

The only other northwestern player I remember is Noah Herron. This game shook me and reminded me that OSU wasn’t unbeatable when they played bad teams.


1st and only time they’ve beaten us since 1971.



thank you for reminding me about Dandrea and Zwick

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The best H.S. player I’ve ever seen in person was Mike Doss.  We played them every year and didn’t beat them till we (my class) were seniors.

Doss, Jamar Martin, Kenny Peterson... monsters.

They won the usatoday national championship one year.  They were men playing boys.

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Since we’re being nostalgic.


The best I’ve ever seen in person: Mike Adams (Steelers), Jake Stoneburner, Leveon Bell, and Omar Hunter.

He didn’t do much in college or the pros, but Omar Hunter was freaking nuts. He was a 5* recruit for a reason. I remembered hearing how he was “the guy” during Urbans prime Florida days. He was just so damn big and fast.

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Brian Robiski, we all know him

Brandon Lombardi (believe he was a walk on at Purdue. One of the best RBs I ever seen in person). If he never tore his ACL in his junior year, he prolly gets a full ride  

Billie Marsh, he was a 6’6 310lb tackle who was suppose to go to Indiana but couldn’t pass clearing house. My first varsity snap as a sophomore was against him as a senior. I was 235lbs. I was so nervous I actually forgot to snap the ball cause he was the Shade tech on me lol. Next play, Our WR took a slant 77yards for a TD. I got ran over by I held the crap out of him. 


Pierre Garçon - best and cockiest player ive ever played against 

Willie Walker - DT from Cal PA. He might be the best DL I ever went up against straight kicked my butt. Literally destroyed every lineman on our OL. We couldn’t stop him. I believe he was a UDFA with the browns. He never stuck tho. 
Terrence Johnson, a DB from that same Cal PA team. He played a few years in the NFL.

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7 hours ago, Kiwibrown said:

Its amazing the way the very best people you play as kids are usually at best average to solid pro players. 

And there are some dudes that weren't even stars in high school that make it to the NFL.


Jason Trusnik and Jamie Meder, both former Browns, were simply average players in high school when we played against them. I lined up across from Meder several times in high school and had my way with him, despite being admittedly bleh as a defensive player.

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1 hour ago, brownie man said:

I played again Shayne Wynn and Cardale when They played for Glenville. 

I just thought Cardale was big

but Shane killed us. I remember he was the fastest player I had ever seen in person. He made us look baddd

Wynn ran a 4.29 at his Indiana pro day.


Which means he’s probably a 4.39 guy. That’s absurdly fast watching in person.

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