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UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

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On 5/18/2020 at 3:09 AM, mikemike778 said:

And this is where the problem lies and the strategy is flawed. We had one legitimate receiver last season.  It doesn't really make any sense to build your team around the passing game and stopping the pass but neglect having someone to catch the ball. Stacks of draft capital was thrown at the secondary but nothing meaningful at receiver for a long time.  Maybe peak Rodgers can have a high powered passing game with just Adams but its a bit optimistic to expect that of a regressing Rodgers.

The team last season didn't really have an identity. A combination of luck, Adams,  the defence having its moments and Rodgers doing just enough got us to a 13-3. I don't like the draft but it does seem a more coherent strategy. 

So here's my counter to that: if we assume this is true, what exactly are you paying Aaron $30 million for?  I mean, Brees has Michael Thomas and Jared Cook: his WR2 was Ted Ginn, who managed 30 for 421 yards and 2 TDs.  Yet he posted a passer rating 20 points higher than Aaron's.  In 2018 Russell Wilson managed a 110 passer rating with a joke of an OL throwing to Tyler Lockett and a broken down Doug Baldwin as basically his only targets.  Brady has spent stretches of his career excelling with pretty much only Gronk as a legitimate weapon. 

And that's ignoring the bigger issue: if you need to spend on both a high end receiving group to go with your big money QB, how do you pay the rest of the team?

In 2019, the six highest paid players on the team were all on offense going by the 2019 cap hit: Rodgers, Bahk, Graham, Adams, Bulaga, Linsley. They combined for 42.51% of the cap.  In 2020, the combined cap hit for Rodgers, Adams, and Bahk will be 26% of the 2020 cap.  That's over a quarter of the team's cap going to three players on offense - you still need to pay the other 50.  You could draft them higher, pour your draft picks into offense to avoid spending any more money, but then you're putting both your money and your highest value draft picks into the offense.  How do you build a defense that way?  Besides that, dropping high value picks on receiver has not been a winning strategy in the NFL, probably because almost no other position is as dependent on literally everyone else doing their job.  The OL needs to give time and the QB needs to throw a catchable ball before the WR matters.

The team has consistently had one of if not the best pass blocking OL's in football for the past several years.  Davante has been an elite #1 the past two years.  Jones has been exceptional.  The one part of the offense that hasn't really played up to his contract is Aaron; I'm not sure I can get behind the theory that we fix this by pouring even more resources into the offense and hope that eventually with enough pieces Aaron will also be elite again.  At some point, the team needs Aaron to produce with what they have; if he really needs even more resources to be successful, then he's not a $30 million QB and it's time to move on. 

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