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Jets 2020 Draft Grade

2020 Draft Selection   

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  1. 1. Best Selection?

    • #11 Mekhi Becton OT
    • #59 Denzel Mims WR
    • #68 Ashtyn Davis S
    • #79 Jabari Zuniga DE
    • #120 La'Mical Perine RB
    • #125 James Morgan QB
    • #129 Cameron Clark OT
    • #158 Bryce Hall CB
    • #191 Braden Mann P

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It has been several years since I have posted in this forum (was the pre updated one). Curious what you guys would grade the draft as a whole (not taking into account UFA's). Take into account trades and whatever else. If you can do a breakdown on thoughts of each pick I'd be all for it. More detail the better. Nice to have collective thoughts in one thread rather than trying to read all the separate ones. 

In terms of the poll pick the player you thought was the best selection (taking into account value of the pick etc). Not just who you guys think is the best prospect which would be obvious. 

I'll make a separate post with my thoughts in a little bit. Great to be back 

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My favorite pick is still Mims. Considering where we got him and the high end of where he could end up. I think hes going to be the prospect i watch closest. 

Definitely remember you from the pre updated version of FF. Welcome back. Its a good time to return (draft time is usually when i do too 😂) 


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With the Draft + UDFA, it's a 90. He got his guys when he wanted to. I love that. JZ, Mims, Mann, and Becton are early impact guys when healthy. Clark and Hall can eventually join in the rotation late in the year or their second season. UDFA, we got my guy Lawrence Cager with Lamar Jackson. Then he flipped a 6th for a pretty good 23yr old man corner. Davis gets a year to learn how to tackle better and might replace Adams or Maye. Smart moves all around. 

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I’ll rate each pick in terms of skill and value (With a short explanation as to why)...


Becton: (A-) A+ talent, B- Maturity. I think he will be great though. The new CBA helps. When we drafted Mims it made me like this pick more.

Mims: (A+) Outside of Darnold this has been my favorite jets pick in a decade. Top 25 talent. Body control, speed and just a knack for beating whoever is across from him.

Davis: (A) Has all the talent to be a great FS. Speed, tackling, heart and instincts. If he worked out at the combine there would be no chance he was here at this pick. Davis and Adams will be a nasty S duo.

Zuniga: (B) Great skill set to groom. For whatever reason it just hasn’t produced regularly for him. Hopefully NFL coaching helps him a ton. Bc he has potential to be a good edge with his Size, speed, quickness, hand use and strength.

Perine: (B) Fits our system great. Hits the hole and has size. Can catch and block as well. Isn’t flashy but gets the job done. Smart that we grabbed him being this is more than likely Bell’s last season. I’d like to see him work in a decent amount as the #2 behind Bell this season. So RB isn’t a glaring hole next year.

Morgan: (C) We needed a QB but generally speaking your not getting much at this stage. But he does have all the physical talent. Just needs work mentally. You can teach football smarts, you can’t teach arm strength.

Clark: (A) Won’t be surprised at all if this guy is our starting G by seasons end or to start the 2021 season. Has everything you want in a G. Plays like a Becton a bit. Showed he can play with the big boys every time he went against them.

Hall: (A+) Love this pick. 1st round talent. Injury and speed had teams doubt him. As a press corner I don’t care too much about his speed bc he has enough. I think he’s a steal this late.

Mann: (C-) Not bc he’s not a good punter. Just not a fan of going P with this pick when we could’ve used positional players. I’d rather had grabbed a P as an UDFA. I actually would have rathered us draft a K than a P.


Overall it’s one of my favorite drafts for the Jets in a very long time. Love the approach getting 2 talented OLineman, a highly talented WR and a good RB for the offense. On defense the secondary was clearly what we wanted to address. Which I understand. Our DL and ILBs are legit. Puts this team just 1 edge rusher away from being elite. Davis, Hall and evening trading for Wilson make us have great forth for that secondary. And who knows... maybe with a great DL around him with LBs to trust and DBs to cover Zuniga can be a steal as an edge guy. I trust Williams to make this defense scary with this talent.

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First draft in a while that we feel good about. Douglas is not maccagnan,  that's for sure. Feels like they had a idea on what they were doing. 


Becton has all pro talent,  if he has work ethic hes going to be one of the best in the NFL.  Everything he does is easy to him. Tosses guys, moves, and looks natural to him. 

It feels good to not have trash at LT again, years after brick and mangold were rough. McGovern is a quality center and Becton should be a stud and will anchor this ol.

Bryce Hall was great value, and the way Douglas operated the draft was like a pro.

I'm happy with the direction we are heading with Douglas 

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I guess if your looking at everything JD has done this year, then don't forget what he's already done for next years draft, a 5 from the Giants and a 7th from KC I think.

Which gives us 9 going into next year and that number could grow depending on how our team shapes up. I didn't count the 6th rounder from N.E.because we owed a 6th.

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