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2021 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread


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7 minutes ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Are we sure @Kiltman and@babyatemydingoaren't the same person?

We both do make very long posts.
And explore both sides.
Perhaps out of boredom.

I don't type like this usually.

I'm more into run on sentences.
Heavy parenthesis use.
Using slashes liberally.

We couldn't

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Houston’s Payton Turner rising up draft boards

(4:45 PM ET) Yesterday, I mentioned Davis Mills as the fastest rising player on draft boards. If there is an equivalent on defense, it would be Houston defensive lineman Payton Turner. Turner is coming off a terrific senior season as well as three good days of practice at the Senior Bowl. Most who I’ve spoken with tell me Turner will be selected ahead of Miami’s Gregory Rousseau, and he has an outside shot of landing in the late part of Round 1.

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BB for 12:

1. Surtain

2. Parsons

3. Smith

4. Waddle

5. Horn

6. Slater


Likely the 1st 4 are gone, but I’d be happy with any of these. I like Slater’s versatility even if it’s not as big a hole as WR/DB. 

Just not a fan of Paye. Picking him is all potential, more so than everyone else. In the 20s? Good value for boom or bust pass rusher, but I don’t like it at 12. Surely will be the pick though knowing Howie... I can live with it, he is pretty freakish but I think/hope we can do better.

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1 hour ago, DeSean Jackson said:

Shaun Wade bro!

Look at that date. The college season hadn't even happened. Rousseau was also a top 5 pick back then lol. Honestly the Wade pick was the only bad one in there, but that was before he switched to the outside and we saw him be exposed. I should've flipped Moehrig and Tufele, but that's how the mock machine had them ranked back then. Still good to see I was a Moehrig guy from start to finish. Kaindoh is still a day 3 guy. Tyreke Smith and Ronnie Bell didn't come out, but they would've been solid picks at where I had them going.

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1 hour ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

2. Parsons

Rather have Paye..... almost solely based on character alone I'd rather have him. Parsons is a dude touching guys penises in the locker roomplays a much more important position. Look how much even average edges get in FA... now compare that to top LBs. There is a vast difference. Dante Fowler is making the 20th highest average for an edge at 15 million. The 3rd highest average for a LB belongs to Zach Cunningham at 14.5. The only ones even cracking the top 12 at edge would be CJ Mosley and Bobby Wagner. Only one of them is worth their contract. Plus, its not even like Parsons is that great at playing LB yet. He still has a ways to go. But, yeah... an immature dude who is still raw at a position that is one of the least valued? No thank you.



A former Penn State football player is suing the university for letting upperclassmen subject star players to violent hazing, TMZ reports

The lawsuit was filed against the school by Isaiah Humphries and his family. Humphries is a defensive back who accepted a scholarship to the university in 2018. While he was enrolled at the school, he claims that the upperclassmen players—led by standout players Damion Barber, Micah Parsons, Yetur Gross-Matos and Jesse Luketa—orchestrated the hazing of younger athletes. 

Per the lawsuit, the older players treated the locker room like a "prison." They allegedly made the incoming players their "*****," and would reportedly subject the younger athletes to sexual hazing, telling them that they were "going to ****" them. They even referenced disgraced Penn State coach and convicted rapist, Jerry Sandusky, in their threats by saying "I'm going to Sandusky you."

According to the suit, the hazing wasn't just verbal. Humphries claims that players would hold younger classmen down against their will while another player would "present his penis close to the face of the lower classman and stroke his genitalia simulating the action of ejaculation." Some upperclassmen would put their penis on the "buttocks" of lowerclassmen and "stroke and again simulate masturbation." Often times, the player would be naked. They also reportedly grabbed lower classmen by the genitals. 


Now for comparisons sake.... let's look at the type of young man Kwity is.


Yeah... not even a question who I want in my locker room for the next 5-10 years. I don't care if Parsons has the athleticism and potential to be a top LB if he hits his ceiling. Keep a dude like that off my team.


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I wonder if we are looking for more of a rock, paper, or scissors guy? Rock seems like the obvious power choice, but paper is thinking outside the box. Not really a fan of guys that go scissors... way too overused.

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