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Lions Still Sitting On $30 Million In Cap Space

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49 minutes ago, detroitroar said:

My point is that with a team and roster in that situation, how can you get an accurate assessment of anyone?

We talk about players buying into Matty P. What happens when the f.o. themselves doesnt buy in?

If you have a young QB that you feel has promise, you let him develop.  You are ok losing if he shows signs of life.  Rosen didn’t even do that.  He was just awful.  My point is a below average starting QB won 5 games with that team, Rosen wasn’t even close.  Rosen wasn’t tanking.  He was fighting for his career and was putrid.  Haskins was on a bad team, and still showed some signs that he was an NFL caliber QB.  Kyler did the same.  Rosen has shown in two years that he just doesn’t have it.  It happens.  1st round QBs bust all the time and Rosen has done nothing individually or as a team to show he deserves any more chances. 

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