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2021 early watching list

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4 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Parsons, Pen St LB, is a bit of a freak LB - and they tend to go early

I'd say Parsons is a rich mans KLavon Chaisson. Same caliber of prospect as Devin White. He has his roots in the defensive end position

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The Vols have a few.  Assuming we have a season, that is.  The names worth watching are these:

Trey Smith, OL: He's playing guard now, but he was excellent at tackle in his freshman year.  Has blood clot issues that have kept him off the field, but if he stays healthy, he could be a first rounder easily.  He was getting second round grades this year, but stayed in school.

Emmit Gooden, DT: A knee injury sidelined him for the entirety of 2019, and he was sorely missed, but he had 7 TFLs in 2018.  Should be a splash playmaker now, and with a much better case on the DLine, he'll stand out even more.

Bryce Thompson, CB: Freshman All-American had some off the field problems last season, but was great when on the field.  If he doesn't get in any more trouble, and makes the improvements you expect from a junior CB, he should be an early pick.  6 INTs over the last two seasons, though he missed three games last year.

Brandon Kennedy, C: Also fighting injury issues, he's been solid when he can stay on the field.  Should be a Day 3 center.

Aubrey Solomon, DL: Former five start recruit, transfered from Michigan.  He was the best interior player on defense in 2019, with Gooden out.  Now, he'll have better support, so he could play into high Day 3 contention.

Jarrett Guarantano, QB: Rollercoaster QB who was mostly down last season.  But hey, he has athleticism, and that got Love drafted in the first round, so who knows?  He actually took a big step backward in 2019, but if he plays like 2018 Guarantano, someone will draft him.

There are a couple of good juniors I don't expect to declare, but for 2022, keep an eye on Cade Mays and Alontae Taylor as well.  There are some other players at WR and RB that could be draftable, but they'd need big jumps, and even then, I don't expect them to contend for anything other than Day 3, so they aren't worth paying attention to.

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Ducks have quite a few players likely to get drafted next year:

Penei Sewell (OT) - would be pretty surprising if he isn't OT1, guy is a freak and likely top 5 pick

Javon Holland (DB) - could see him rising up to the first round, at times was fantastic in a honey badger type roamer role and was our best defensive player for much of last year

Thomas Graham (Slot DB) - Graham has disappointed a bit IMO since he looked fantastic as a freshman but is overall a solid player. A bit undersized but likely a solid day 3 selection. Made a good decision coming back this year

Deommodore Lenoir (CB) - I think he's probably a better prospect than Graham. A bit grabby at times but outside of the ASU game was generally sticky in coverage. Probably anywhere from rounds 2-5 depending on how he progresses

Nick Pickett (S) - Underrated part of our defense last year. Likely a later round guy

Brady Breeze (S) - really came on late  at the end of last year. Not sure how he'll test but is just a really good football player

Jordon Scott (NT) - probably one of my favorite ducks but not a top flight prospect. True team leader and absolute space eater in the run game. Stayed on the field a bit more in passing situations this past year but looks more like a guy that will hang around the league as a role player. Late round draft choice/ priority UDFA unless he finds a way to add more juice to his game

Our defense is really stacked this year, this list doesn't even consider Thibodeaux, Flowe or the other Sewell who will be key cogs and some other young DBs. Cristobal has really stepped up our recruiting in recent years, now just hoping Moorhead can improve the playcalling offensively

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Some from Arkansas:

RB Rakeem Boyd: Was a little surprised he came back for his senior year, but he along with Najee Harris and Kylin Hill are probably the best returning RBs in the SEC. Former "Last Chance U" star, needs to show he can handle more of a workload though since he seemed to get gassed after around 12-15 carries a game (not sure if that was it or if the coaches for whatever reason just didn't give him more than that). But after last season it came out that he played the entire year with a partially torn labrum that he never told anyone about.

DE Dorian Gerald: Missed almost all of last season with a blood clot in his neck. Before that was the #1 ranked JUCO DE and was looking like the best pass rusher Arkansas had before the injury. With Agim gone now though he will probably get double teamed a lot.

CB Jerry Jacobs: Transferred from Arkansas State where he was on the Thorpe Award watch list last season before tearing his ACL in the 4th game and taking a redshirt.


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I'll pick some OSU guys since that's the only team I really follow extremely closely (aside from knowing the big 2021 names that everyone else already knows).

Locks to be drafted if they declare: Josh Myers, C (mid rounds), Wyatt Davis, OG (1st round), Jeremy Ruckert, TE (mid to late rounds), Chris Olave, WR (late 1st - 2nd), Justin Fields, QB (top 5), Shaun Wade, CB (1st round), Pete Werner, OLB (2 - 5th round).

I think most people are pretty familiar with the above, but Pete Werner is a name to remember. Struggled at times as a true sophomore in 2018 but had a very solid 2019 playing the SAM position, which was basically a big nickel / safety most of the time. 6-2, 240 and reportedly runs in the 4.5 range, I think he could be a big time riser in 2020. Real good in the passing game.

Probable: Trey Sermon, RB (later rounds), Cameron Brown, CB (could skyrocket this year), Baron Browning (huge range from early to late rounds / UDFA), Thayer Munford (later rounds), Luke Farrell, TE (mid to late rounds)

Baron Browning could be a guy that explodes. An inconsistent player thus far in his career, he looks to be making a move (finally) to OLB for his senior year. 6-3, 245 and he'll absolutely light up the combine (we're talking high 4.4, low 4.5). Flashes freaky ability at times and put up 10 TFL and 5 sacks splitting reps last season. Cameron Brown could be next off the OSU CB assembly line. He's got solid size at 6-0, 190 lb and he's one of the best athletes on the team. 

There's a chance with a big season: Petit-Frere, RT (who knows, former top 10 recruit), Jonathan Cooper, DE (late rounds), Taron Vincent, DT (who knows), Tyreke Smith, DE (could be a high round pick with a breakout), Josh Proctor, S (with a breakout season). 

I think it's going to be another double digit draft class for OSU next season. Taron Vincent is a guy they're really high on that missed all of 2019 with a shoulder injury. Former #1 overall DT; he could blow up in a big way. The same with Tyreke Smith. 

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Iowa is a pretty young team so you won't see too many in the 2021 class

Alaric Jackson SR OT. As of now Rd 2-3 with upside to become a 1st Rder. Has some work to do but solid Tackle Prospect

Chauncey Gholston RS SR DE. Will be a solid mid to late round pick. Kind of disappointing JR year but will add nice depth to a team if he progresses

The one to watch imo is WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette

Big Ten has Rashod Bateman and Rondale Moore who both are amazing. Ihmir is a little under the radar but shouldn't be overlooked.

Iowa doesn't put out WRs and this guy is straight speed and wiggle. I dont think Iowa knows how to use him because they never have his kind of talent. He dominated the Holiday Bowl and I think he's gonna blow up this year




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I wonder what even happens with the draft if college football is in spring? I wonder if the NFL would accept a June draft, or perhaps the NFL flexes its muscles and keeps the draft in April leading to a mass sit out of the college season by all draftable players 

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11 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Will Trey Lance be a top 10 pick? 

At this stage I'd say outside top 10, but it depends on how many QB needy teams it turns out there are by the end of next season. If 3 or 4 teams need a franchise QB for whatever reason, then I could see top 10 

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