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2021 NFL Draft Thread


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early look at 2021 NFL draft... this thread be a place to talk about your favorite prospects in 2021

Potential Needs in 2021

  • DT-  Collins could be a stud, but Hurst and Hall could be nothing more than career reserves. Imagine adding a monster in the middle with Ferrell and Max become stars
  • FS- Randall could have a good year and sign long term, but currently just on a one year deal 
  • Edge Rusher- can never have too many pass rusher. Be nice to have an explosive edge you can line up all over the field and blitz 
  • G- Simpson looks to be the guard of the future on one side, but Gabe might be gone in 2021 and Richie closer to 40 then he is 30. 



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35 minutes ago, SBXISBXVSBXVIII said:

Are you effing kidding me?

Told y'all it was coming! Smh

"You also created more threads in the history of this website thus not letting anybody else start a thread and changed your name more times too,. 2021 draft thread coming tomorrow probably."

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really looking forward to next years draft, we will have a lot less holes than usual to fill, and will be a lot less predictable. we should be able to fill any holes in FA, and be able to go BPA during the draft. crazy how far this roster has come in two years. 

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i think you should be perennially drafting CBs until you KNOW you have 3 starting studs under contract for more than a year.

I can easily see safety being a need. Randall is only on a on year deal. How Abram performs is still an open question. I still think Joyner should be getting more looks at FS.

This year is the make or break year for our defensive line.  Hankins is expiring and wasn't really special last year. I think Hall needs to show that he can take on that nose type role and be more productive than he has. Collins is only on a 1 year deal. Hurst is the only guy I feel confident in right now. At the ends, Crosby feels secure, but if Ferrell doesn't show some real pass rush juice, we can't just keep assuming the position is addressed. I like Nassib in the rotation, but not as a guy we are depending on with huge snap counts. If Hall/Ferrell play well, that answers a lot of this, though.

Wide receiver could be an area to target depending on what happens with Ruggs/Edwards and Williams. Could still need that actual #1 if Ruggs ends up in more of a Will Fuller/DeSean Jackson role than Tyreek Hill

of course, if we find ourselves picking very high, that's also an indictment on Carr, and it would finally be time to turn the page

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I’ve got my eye on S Andre Cisco and DT Marvin Wilson for now. However, we have no idea what our needs will be next year.

Carr/Mariota both faulter? Could be in the market for Lawrence/Fields/Newman. 

Tyrell/Edwards don’t work out? Could be looking at Chase. 

Kolton Miller had a bad season? There’s plenty of solid OT’s. Another great OT class. Walker Little may be in our range (10-20 probably). 

Corners don’t work out? Surtain and Amkuamu. Way better corner class. 

Ferrell doesn’t take the next step? Looks like a great EDGE class. 

So many directions are possible. Obviously right now FS and DT look like the biggest positions to address. But a lotttt can happen in one season, and always does. It could be FS, DT, QB, DE, OT, CB, etc.



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4 minutes ago, Turnobili said:

id rather get mayock reaches out of the way now

I’d be happy if we traded our first for 7 4ths right now lol


i was the predominant critic of this draft.  I still think  we lost out on a ton of value not trading down from 19 and still getting Arnette AND not trading back up into 2nd or early 3rd with the picks acquired from that trade down.

however... knowing that Arnette’s 4.56 wasn’t a true time due to injury I’d honestly have no problem ranking him at CB 4.  None.  

And i do think Mayock was willing to reach at points in the last 2 drafts to get his core culture guys.  Now that we have 15 players on the team plus his hand selected veteran FAs... I don’t think he’ll have 1. Many major holes that need filing 2.  The need to overdraft “culture” guys  over better talent.  As someone who believes in corporate culture making all the difference, I get it.  We were a joke for decades.  It’s as important to do what he did.

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G, T, DT, LB, RB, CB, S are areas of varying need I can see. 

Incognito and Jackson aren't going to be around long. We have some depth right now but adding the next stud G would be nice. 

Miller should improve even more. Brown is getting older though. Plan ahead. 

DT is still a relative need right now. 

LB is always a need. Kwiatkowski and Littleton shore up 2 spots for the time being. Maybe Muse pans out. But LB depth is always an issue for us so a mid round pick or two never hurts. 

Jacobs is golden, and maybe Bowden proves capable. I'd still like to add a bruiser. And honestly, if our depth WRs faulter, I wouldn't be opposed to Bowden moving to WR permanently. Regardless Richard is fairly expendable in function on O and ST. Finding even upgrade at RB3 wouldn't bother me. 

Mullens should improve.  Hopefully Arnette pays off. Adding a 3rd guy allows us to move around players and cap. Not a glaring hole, but luxury pick worthy.

Same thing with S. Hopefully Abraham comes along nicely. But Randall might fail or bounce, and Harris is a good one to been around, but is probably always going to be at risk of being replaced. 

I'll hold off on QB, WR, and TE for now, but all 3 could become needs. Right now though, I'll take a wait and see with how they do.

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