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2021 NFL Draft Thread

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31 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

Would be shocked to see Slater fall out of the top 10. Premium LTs don’t fall like that. 

Only hope is teams see him as a gaurd and with other prospects they take them over him.  I can't see it myself think he goes Chargers. 


I just hope we don't reach in the 1st.   I don't want to see Cosmi or Mayfield in the 1st. I have mid second to mid 3rd grades on them. 

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33 minutes ago, Humble_Beast said:

1- Edge

2- RT

3- G

3- NT

4- LB

who would be mad? sign 2 more vet FS, CB

What are the names that you like in those respective spots? This is how I see it.

1 - RT: Darrisaw, Cosmi, Jenkins, Mayfield

2 - Edge: Tryon, Roche, Ossai, Oweh, Jones

3 - S: Ford, Gillespie, not sure who else to be honest.

3 - DL: Shelvin, Wilson, Tuipulotu

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