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Post Draft/UDFA Transactions


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The ‘20 NFL Draft is over and most UDFAs have been signed.  We currently have 94 players and draft picks on the team.  The roster limit is 90 so in order to sign the 7 draft picks we will need to release some players.  Also, we still have over $8M in cap space (with the draft class accounted for) so we can still sign some Free Agents if we so choose.

We have a pretty solid roster at this point and I don’t foresee many major moves.  But, we should and I think we will make a few more moves.  What do we need to do in your opinions of fill out this roster?  What additions and subtractions should be made to bring this to a 90 man roster for training camp?  

I shared a basic depth chart here:


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Short Answer:

Trade a ‘21 5/6th Round pick to GB for Jamaal Williams, RB (or Sign Carlos Hyde, RB: 1yr, 2.5-3.0M)

Re-sign Dion Jordan DL: 1y, 1.25M

Sign UDFA Punter Michael Turk (or Joseph Charlton or Dane Roy)

Re-sign Will Compton, LB: veteran minimum (or sign a SAM like Nigel Bradham @ 1yr, 2.5M)

Re-sign Daryl Worley, CB: 1y, 1.5M

Release: Mike Panasuik DT, Derrick Moncrief LB, Quentin Poling LB, DJ Killings CB, George Mariner WR, Nick Bowers TE, Nick Usher LB.   

Add some veteran depth for TC at Safety, DT, OT.  Release K.Seymour OT, Vickers DT, etc to make room.


Long Answer:

Since we didn’t address DL in the draft I’d really like to resign Dion Jordan.  I’ve said it many times but I loved how he played last year.  He can play both DE and DT and his length was especially effective on stunts.  He’s the ideal 9th DL to go with Ferrell/Key, Collins/Hurst, Hankins/Hall, Crosby/Nassib.  Given his past and the fact he remains unsigned still, we should be able to sign him for slightly over the veteran minimum.  I’d guess we’d sign him for 1 year, 1.25M.

I think we absolutely have to sign a RB2.  We need someone capable of 90-120 carries who can also start if Jacobs misses a game.  The top FAs are Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman.  Jonathan Williams is a lesser option that still fills the need adequately.  There will likely be some RBs released before TC and at the deadline.  I’d much rather get someone before TC so they have experience in the offense come week 1.

There’s always the chance a player from another team is cut or traded due to their depth:

Damien Harris(NE), Gus Edwards(Balt), BryceLove/PeytonBarber(Wash), BrianHill(Atl), BoScarbrough(Det), JamaalWilliams(GB). Williams has already been rumored to be on the block due to drafting AJ Dillon.  I think Williams is THE IDEAL RB2 for us.  Strong, violent runner who can catch the ball too. I really wanted to draft him in ‘17.  He’s got one year left on rookie deal so I’d trade a 6th Rder for him.  I believe we would have drafted a RB this year had a quality one fallen to the 4th round.  Drafting Bowden was about getting a playmaker not a RB2.

We shouldn’t go into camp with Cole (P) having no competition.  He was average in avg but his net avg was low.  Especially with Joseph Charlton and Michael Turk still being available UDFAs, who had 5-6th round grades prior to draft.  Dane Roy (Houston) is another unsigned UDFA and the former Aussie Rugby player has a huge leg with his 6’6 240 frame.  I’d likely select Turk out of the 3 because he has a lot of room for improvement.

I think it’s not needed but I’d like to resign Worley.  I know he’s not fast and is better in zone then press but he’s still very young (25, a year older than Arnette) and has room for improvement.  He can carve out a nice niche against bigger WRs and TEs.  He can start if needed.  Plus, he’d likely sign for around $1.5-1.75M.

I’d consider bringing in a SAM like Nigel Bradham or a MLB like Will Compton.  Compton would likely cost the veteran minimum or so (950k but would be eligible for cap set offs making his cap hit 750-888k).  Bradham could likely be had for 1yr, 2.5-3.5M.  I’d probably just resign Compton due to cap reasons.

Thus, I’d resign Worley, Jordan, Compton plus sign Hyde or trade a ‘21 6th for Jamaal Williams, sign a UDFA punter in Charlton/Turk.

We’d have to release 7 players:

Mike Panasuik DT, Derrick Moncrief LB, Quentin Poling LB, DJ Killings CB, George Mariner WR, Nick Bowers TE, Nick Usher LB.  I believe Moreau will start the season on the PUP list.

We’d go into Training Camp looking like this:

QB: Carr, Mariota  (Kizer, Peterman)

RB: Jacobs, Hyde/J.Williams, Richard, Bowden (Stanback)

FB: Ingold. (R.Smith)

xWR: Williams, Edwards (Ateman)

zWR: Ruggs, Jones (Doss, Ratliff-Williams)

sWR: Renfrow, Agholor (Gafford)

TE: Waller, Witten, Moreau  (Carrier, O’Leary, Butler)

LT: Miller, Parker 

LG: Incognito, Simpson (Devey, Cotton) 

C: Hudson, James (Magnuson) 

RG: Jackson, Good (Kush, Kalis)

RT: Brown, Sharpe (Seymour)


P: Cole/Turk

K: Carlson (Eberle)

LS: Sieg (McCullough)


RDE: Ferrell, Key (Valoaga)

DT: Collins, Hurst (Vickers)

DT: Hankins, Hall (Ross)

LDE: Crosby, Nassib, D.Jordan (Aruna)

WILL: Littleton, Morrow, Muse (J.White)

MLB: Kwiatkowski, Compton (Eligwe, Coney)

SAM: Lee (Wilber, Donnerson)

RCB: Mullen, Johnson, Lawson (Crawley, Mabin)

FS: Randal, Harris

SS: Abram, Heath (Leavitt)

LCB: Arnette, D.Worley, Brown, Harper

sCB: Joyner, Robertson (Nixon, Nelson)


Note: We’d still be very light in TC at OT and DT.  We should consider releasing Seymour to sign a veteran OT who can play LT and compete with Parker.  Safety is also very light.  We need to sign a veteran here in case one of our guys gets hurt.  We usually go into TC with 6 players.  Lastly, DT is awfully weak For depth.  Vickers and/or Ross could be cut for a veteran or two who can push Hall for a roster spot.  I actually think Hall should start alongside Hankins for run defense and Collins/Hurst should be used as pass rushers but as of now Vickers+Ross are little to no threat to Hall’s roster spot. Christian Covington, Stacey McGee, Xavier Williams, Benny Logan/Adam Gotsis (players out of the league in ‘19) etc are players who can push for a roster spot.

We’ve yet to have any 3rd wave of FA signings and it’s about time we fill some holes, get some good values, and bring some solid competition to camp at positions we lack depth at.  Mayock’s job isn’t done and he really needs to get working on it.  I don’t expect a rash of signings but we should Fill some holes and play wait and see at other spots.

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I'd definitely bring in more depth at RB, OT and LB.

Compton is an obvious fit, played well last season and experience in the system which could be crucial with a curtailed off season programme.

Jordan is another guy I could see us bringing back for his versatility and he did pretty well too last year.   

At RB I'd look at the obvious choices like Miller, Freeman but also think about Ty Montgomery as an option too. Crowell could be a long shot if he's recovered from his serious injury. We definitely need a reliable option if we plan on playing with a big running attack.

At OT the pickings look slim but a guy like Beachum could be a valuable swing tackle. I don't have much trust in Parker at all.

Safety could be another area where we look to bring in competition, I think we'll look to bring in an experienced guy. Gipson, Jefferson and Trawick would be guys I look at for depth and ST. Likely to be camp cuts of some decent players too.


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8 hours ago, Darbsk said:

I'd definitely bring in more depth at RB, OT and LB......

I like the safeties you mentioned.  Trawick was a good STer for us What seemed like long ago but was only ‘16.  He’s really only a STer but is still good enough at S to be solid competition in camp and wouldn’t require any guaranteed money... which is good because we’re likely set with Abrams, Randall, Harris, Heath but if Heath/Harris got hurt in camp he’ll lessen that loss and provide good competition nonetheless. Gipson is a rangy FS to pair with Randall.  He’s good enough to actually start, but I just read he had a traverse fracture in ha vertebrae so I’m not sure he’s healthy (he could be I personally just don’t know).

I like Beachem as a swing tackle because he’s a competent LT.  I went back and watched Parker’s/Sharpe’s starts in ‘19 and really really liked Sharpe at RT, I think he’s at least in the lower 1/3 of starting RTs in the league.  I have no faith in Parker.  He was at RT not LT exclusively, but he showed no ability to kickstep and run the DE around the Arc. He would do these wierd quick sets- like a Run Block...it was odd.  And it was obvious the offense knew they had to get the ball out fast with 3 step  drops, 1-2 reads by the QB only.  He did play better than in ‘17 though but I did not think he progressed enough to start if required to do so by injuries to Miller.  He could however, be a barely suitable RT if needed.  I’m going to go back And watch some ‘18 tape as well, just to compare. 

Id rank my RB FA options: Hyde, Freeman, Miller (if 100% healthy), Jonathan Williams, and Isaiah Crowell.  I read several rumors GB (after drafting AJ Dillon in round 2) might have Jamaal Williams in the trade block.  He’s a former BYU 4th rounded with a cost of 1 year @ 2.133M is we trade for him.   I think he is THE IDEAL RB for our team.  He’s cheap and requires no long term financial commitment.  He’d likely only cost a 6th round pick to acquire, maybe even a pick swap like 5 for 6.   He’s proven he can be effective carrying the ball 120-150x a year, which is exactly what we need. He’s a far more punishing runner who can be a short yardage + GL back than his 6’0 213 frame shows.  He’s Effective as a receiver (39 catches, 5 TD in ‘19).  He’s a very good pass blocker too!  And he’ll only be 25 this year!   The only downside is the cost of around a 6th round pick.  I’d absolutely do it though.  When you combine what Williams brings to the table AND the value of being proactive vs reactive to limiting Jacobs workload to optimize productivity AND prolong his long term durability (we can’t run him into the ground and be a rookie contract and maybe a tag/1 year extension player!)

Tell me you don’t want this added to our backfield... he’s got the power to drag LBs and good Vision/power!:






I never knew you could tender UFA’s, until the Giants did it to M.Golden the other day.  I think we should tender (110% ‘19 salary) Worley, Compton, and Jordan.  What that does is not allow them to talk to sign with other teams after July 22nd.  I’d rather we resign them pretty soon but this is an option as well.  

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Jamaal Williams I haven't really seen enough of to give an educated opinion but he seems at first glance like a good option, I think its sensible to add a vet RB option and I think they will do just that. You raise a good point about being proactive in protecting our RB investment, Jacobs has low wear and tear coming in from Alabama so we may be lucky and get a few more years after his initial contract if we act now rather than just run him into the ground. With careful management he could have a long and productive career.

Also just rereading the original post there are a few DTs that could come in and provide competition....... personally Id stock up on DL for a heavy rotation. Guys like McGee are decent players especially if used as a role player. Covington is pretty decent too and Gotsis I thought really progressed at Denver and he's a pretty chippy guy with an attitude that might fit though I think he may have had a DV issue in the past. We IMO should carry 10 DL to rotate our pass rush to try and counter the high power offenses we'll encounter this year.

Agree entirely in the OT situation, Sharpe is solid and the type of backup we dont gave to fret when he gets in the game. Parker just looks list to me, like he hasn't grasped the basics and is a deer in the headlights. I dont see a great many options out there though until cuts at least.

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I posted this on the wrong thread 

In the next couple weeks give a couple vets for the minimum as invites to camp:

  • RB- one of the RBs I listed above
  • T- a vet with experience, someone to push Parker to step his game up. Maybe even a guy like Tyler Roemer
  • DE- Jordan makes too much sense as a 9DL
  • LB- Depth still murky.. Vontaze or Will Compton would be great additions
  • S- another safety for competition. Curtis Riley perhaps, maybe he would be better
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I would take a look at these free agent RBs as good insurance to the Jacobs/Bowden tandem and competition to Rod Smith

  • Carlos Hyde- as others has said, I'll take him on a team friendly contract. At this point, he cant expect to get paid
  • Gus Edwards- he's a ERFA but the Ravens have like 8 RBs lol. He would be a perfect fit as a punishing RB
  • Devontae Booker- Phillip Lindsay came out of nowhere to take his spot, lost in the shuffle in Denver. Was known as a physical runner coming out of college 
  • Isaiah Crowell- maybe kick the tires one more time if he is healthy. He was an ox on the Browns, still young so could bounce back. 
  • CJ Prosise- I would really like this pickup, probably would be cheap. He was lost in the shuffle in Seattle. Seahawks probably had the deepest RB unit in the league
  • Corey Clement- has shown he can play in the league, Eagles had a lot of RB options so they let him test free agency
  • Johnathan Williams-  look good last year  when Mack went down
  • Frank Gore- old, but still was playing decent last year.
  • Alex Collins- has had success in the league, runs hard. Lost in the shuffle with the Ravens
  • Matt Jones- has the build, former 3rd rounder, looked good in the XFL
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6 minutes ago, Humble_Beast said:

If Williams is cut, sure I'll be interested. No way to traded a pick for him, maybe Carrier? 

Agree to disagree.  I don’t think he’s a starter but he’s decent backup who fits nicely on our team.  They only have Mercedes Lewis + ‘19 3rd Jace Sternberger plus depth pieces Robert Tonyan (‘17 Det via Indiana StUDFA- cut at deadline, GB PS weeks 14-17, on GB roster in 18+’19: looks like he was mostly ST’s only, converted WR: 6’5 236), Evan Baylis (Oregon ‘17 UDFA, 4 Teams PS’s and only activated for a single game then back to PS 2 times), James Looney (6’2.5” 287 4.91 ‘18 7th rounder as a DT, switched for TE Dec ‘19).

I thought Sternberger was a decent draft prospect but he was raw and then got hurt and only played 6G+ 2 playoff G his rookie year.  Only appeared on offense in 5/6 reg season games, averaging 12-14 snaps.  No stats. 3 rec, 15yd 1 TD in playoffs 

GB would definitely use a competent TE2/3 on their team and Carrier is actually good in that role, plus good STer.  Good blocker.  Won’t make our team unless Moreau goes to PUP to start year.  
IDK if GB will do it, but I’d like we definitely would.

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I just wouldn't give up a draft pick for Williams, there are equal options in free agency. Williams runs hard, and is a NFL player, but isn't a difference maker. I would only trade picks for difference makers. I also think Lamar Miller might be washed, he's coming off a bad injury and wasn't even that good before it. Freeman could fit as 3rd down back, but just seemed like one of the worst starting backs in league last year. Doesn't really run physical, and seems like he lost his juice. 

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28 minutes ago, Humble_Beast said:

I posted this on the wrong thread 

  • S- another safety for competition. Curtis Riley perhaps, maybe he would be better

I think a guy like Roemer is what we need... we don’t need someone to make the team, although I’d like to cut/replace Parker , but we do need someone to at least push him hard.  

I was going to say Curtis Riley but literally didn’t want the grief of explaining myself after already explained myself in the post... someone would just say “Riley Sucks!”.  But a Riley level FS is exactly what we need... ideally for competition and doesn’t make team but also good enough that he’s one of the last cuts and you could bring him back if injuries happened.

I do this thing were i write long posts and lose them cuz I changed windows to look something up.... well i at one point has Clement in my original post.  I just think he’s (oddly enough coming outta Wisc) more of a receiving back then a RB who can give us 120ish hard carries.  I don’t see his best feature: receiving out the backfield being used must due to Jacobs and Richard and Bowden.  I wouldn’t be opposed him him I just really want someone with more power and has proven they can be effective with 120+ carries 


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