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When they beat the champions on the road, the Chiefs turned some heads. Now that there is national interest, it is interesting to note how much TV time they were already signed up to get.


Check out the Chiefs schedule over the next six weeks

Week 4; Monday Night Football vs. Redskins:
Week 5: Sunday Night Football vs. Texans
Week 6: Late Sunday afternoon game vs. Steelers
Week 7: Thursday Night Football vs. Raiders
Week 8: Monday Night Football vs. Broncos
Week 9: Late Sunday afternoon game vs. Cowboys


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IIRC we have had decent exposure the past couple seasons. Even with dunk and dunk Alex this team is fun to watch. With the way Hunt is breaking out, Tyreek last year, Peters before that, Kelce earlier, Houston and Berry plus Andy... that's a lot of recognizable pieces. 

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