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Redskins Rookie Jersey #s

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3 hours ago, turtle28 said:

I remember that! My dad took me to that too!

Yeah I wish they would do that again.  The Orioles as well.  A buddy of mine is a Capitals season ticket holder and they have 1-2 events like that each year.  He's picked up a lot of stuff to get signed by players that way.  

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On 4/29/2020 at 1:56 PM, turtle28 said:


I have to say, I’m not too happy about a few things here:

1. I think Chase Young should be #92, not #99, but he obviously can be whatever # he wants to be. To me though seeing that he was #2 in college, #92 made more sense and it will look better on him, but of course we’ll get used to seeing #99 reek havoc on opposing offenses for the next 15 years.

2. Antonio Gibson is #24, which tells me they are going to do what beat reporters have reported and have him play more RB than WR, and I just don’t understand that. We are stacked at RB with a Hall of Fame vet and we have 2 good young prospects at RB in Guice & Love already. Yes, they’re injury prone/coming off knee injuries but, I want to see Gibson as a WR, making plays in space more then I want to see him being mainly just a special teamer and mainly just riding the pine and being a back up to Peterson and Guice. 

I hope we still use Gibson a lot in the passing game as a receiver. I think he can do more damage there, on screens, check downs, slants, option routes and go routes until we develop him more as a receiver. So, I’m not happy about his # bc I tells me what I didn’t want to here and that’s that they see him more as a RB then a WR. But hey, it is what it is, I still hope they use him as a versatile piece all over.

1. DE Chase Young - #99

2.  RB Antonio Gibson - #24

3. OT  Charles - #77

4. WR AGG - #10

5. C/G Keith Ismael - #60

6. LB Khaleke Hudson - #47

7. CB Kamren Curl - #31

8. DE James Smith-Williams - #72



QB Steve Montez - #6

WR Jonathan Johnson - #12

TE Thaddeus Moss - #46

WR Isaiah Wright - #83


Number Changes on Roster

DT Caleb Brantley from #99 to #96

TE Caleb Wilson from #83 to #45

I absolutely hate that Moss took 46, but I think if he makes the roster, he changes that number. At least I hope so. 

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3 hours ago, mike23md said:

I absolutely hate that Moss took 46, but I think if he makes the roster, he changes that number. At least I hope so. 

I do too, but think they be making him a H-back or a FB instead of a true in-line TE, the way Gibbs used Cooley in 04 & 05 and the way Sellers was used in his career.

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