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Hindsight mocks!!

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Posted (edited)

While the draft is still fresh and the boredom of life sets fully in, I figured it would be fun to play backseat driver. 

Therefore i propose a "hindsight is 20/20 draft". By this I mean people say the pick THEY would have made at each selection.  At the end of the season we can look back and see how accurate our projections were.  

Any takers? If so I'll post one as well.


1. (11) pick- Becton,OT 

my choice- Ceedee Lamb, we

And so on for each of our picks. 

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Posted (edited)

Good idea. This year it’s going to be tough to come up with something better than our GM. Bring back Macc!!! Kidding.

1(11): CeeDee Lamb WR: Becton would have been my choice if I wanted to go OT. However, I still think CeeDee Lamb was the better choice at this spot. 

2(59): Denzel Mims WR: Keeping Mims here. Although I like Fulton, Jones, Okwara, and Hennessy here as well. 

3(68):  Josh Jones OT: . I liked him even in the 1st round.

3(79) Lloyd Cushenberry IOL: Missing out on Henny was tough. I’d probably go Cushenberry here. I was also considering Peart and Niang

4(120) Cameron Clarke OL

4(125) Alton Robinson Edge

4(129) Curtis Weaver Edge

5(158) Bryce Hall CB: Great pick. Change this one at your own risk.

6(191) Braden Mann P: He’s a keeper. Didn’t know him before the draft but golly can he punt. 


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It's so hard for me to do this because I love love love our draft top to bottom.

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Posted (edited)

Pick 1.  WR top three doesn't matter, I prefer lamb 

Pick 2.  OT Josh Jones 

Pick 3. Edge Zach Baum

Pick 3.1.WR. Devin Devurnay 

Pick 4.1.  CB Reggie Robinson 

Pick 4.2  RB Lamichel Perine 

Pick 4.3 G/T. Jack Driscoll 

Pick 5.CB Bryce Hall 

Pick 6.punter guy 

Second sixth round pick, not indy corner 

S Geno Stone


As an aside I do like James Morgan but being able to sign a guy like dalton makes way more sense for a couple mill 



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