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Post Draft Perspective Roster

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Its gonna be lean for a bit so figured we could look at the current roster and make some predictions. Many things not confirmed.


Russell Wilson

Anthony Gordon (R)


Running Back

Chris Carson (+)

Rashard Penny (+)

Travis Homer 

Deejay Dallas (R)

Anthony Jones (R)

Patrick Carr (R)


Wide Receiver

DK Metcalf

Tyler Lockett

Phillip Dorset

David Moore

John Ursua

Freddie Swain (R)

Stephen Sullivan (R)

Penny Hart

Chris Thompson

Seth Dawkins (R)

Aaron Fuller (R)

Malik Tuner (?)



Greg Olson

Will Dissly (+)

Jacob Hollister

Luke Willson

Colby Parkison (R)

Justin Johnson

Tyler Mabry (R)

Dominick Wood-Anderson (R)



Duane Brown

Brandon Shell

Jamarco Jones

Cedric Ogbuehi

Chad Wheeler

Tommy Champion (R)



Mike Iupati

Phil Haynes

Damien Lewis (R)

Jordan Simmons

Demetrius Knox

Kahill McKenzie

Jordan Roos

Chance Warmack



Joey Hunt

BJ Finney

Ethan Pocic

Kyle Fuller



Benson Mayowa

Darrell Taylor (R)

Alton Robinson (R)

Eli Mercer (R)



Rasheem Green

LJ Collier

Brandon Jackson

Marcus Webb (UDFA)



Jarran Reed

Poona Ford

Bryan Mone

DeMarcus Christmas 

Josh Avery (R)

Cedric Lattimore (R)



Bobby Wagner

KJ Wright

Bruce Irvin

Jordan Brooks (R)

Cody Barton

Ben Burr-Kirvan

Shaqueem Griffin

Emmanuel Ellerbee

Sutton Smith



Shaquille Griffin

Quinton Dunbar

Tre Flowers

Ugo Amadi

Neiko Thorpe

Linden Stephens

Ryan Neal

Brian Allen

Debione Renfro (R)

Kemah Siverand (R)

Gavin Heslop (R)



Bradley McDougald

Quinton Diggs

Marquis Blair

Lano Hill

Chris Miller (R)

Josh Norword (R)


K Jason Meyers

P Michael Dickson

LS Tyler Ott



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Just gonna throw out some thoughts here...

QB - Hopefully they just resign Geno. Guessing they try and stash Gordon on the PS. They could go out and add a vet QB via FA or trade. FA is kinda gross,

FA Adds: Geno Smith, Kyle Sloter, Blake Bortles, Joe Webb

RB - With Carson injured, and Penny probably being a PUP candidate, Homer and Dallas get a chance to carve out a bigger role. Still think they bring in someone in a vet.

FA Adds: Isiah Crowell, Marshawn Lynch, Bilal Powell, Troymaine Pope, Spencer Ware

WR - Lockett, DK, Dorsett seem set. Moore still has some nice ability as a vertical threat. Ursua might see more reps. Swain and Sullivan really have a chance to make their name here. I don't think Seattle add anything more here. Especially if Hollister and Parkison see time outside/inside.

FA Adds: Josh Gordan

OL - Duane, Lewis, Shell are pretty much set at their positions. Iupati and Haynes will battle it out for LG. If Simmons is healthy, maybe he pushes Lewis, Haynes and Iupati. For center Hunt probably starts as the incumbent, but I would imagine Finney beats him out by the start of PS (if there is a PS)

EDGE - Mayowa probably gets the edge at LEO barring Taylor being dominate day 1. he could still see a lot of reps on early downs, with Mayowa picking up the rushing down snaps. I know they said Irvin is going to play the SAM position, but with the depth at LB, I would imagine he gets the bulk of snaps here. Alton probably has to make an impact on ST first. That being said, he could see some snap like Jacob Martin did, as they seem to have similar measurables. 

FA adds : J. Clowney, Everson Griffin, Michael Bennett, Damontre Moore, Ziggy Ansah

5TECH - Going to be an interesting battle between Collier and Green. I know fans don't have much faith in Collier, but I still think he will be ALOT more present in year 2. Green probably has the edge since he has the experience. Brandon Jackson probably still makes the team as the staff seems to trust him, and likes his versatility. I really think UDFA Marcus Webb has a chance to make the team here. His testing was really good.

Defensive Tackle - Really thin unit on paper, but you have to considering Green, Collier and Jackson getting reps here as well. This has to be Naz Jones's last chance. Him and Christmas are the only 3TECH's here, and will have to prove they are worth the snaps. Bryan Mone probably has the best shot of the three for making the team. Guessing they add a FA here.

FA Add: Mike Daniels, Brandon Mebane

Linebackers: Suddenly, a very deep unit. Bobby, KJ, Brooks and Barton all probably see significant snaps. Irvin is the wildcard. Wondering how much he will see the field on early downs. Queem and BKK are going to have an uphill battle here to make the team. 

Cornerbacks - Dunbar - Griffin - Flowers - Amadi probably are the heavy snap getters here. Not sure how the others can make an impact beyond ST.

Safeties - Again deep and pretty much set. Two wrinkles will be how much more Blair sees the field in 2020, and if Chris Miller can make the team.




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QB: Not sure why we're not just bringing Geno Smith in. With what should be a condensed offseason program, it will be important to have another guy in-house who knows the offense. Gordon is a good PS candidate. 

RB: I wouldn't expect us to add another body at RB, but maybe. Carson should be healthy enough to start the season and it seems like they really like Homer/Dallas. I watched some cut-ups of Anthony Jones too and the kid can run. I'd expect him to be another PS candidate. 

WR: I'm lukewarm on this group, mostly because it really falls off after the top 2. I still think we need to bring in a big bodied replacement level talent like Josh Gordon in case something happens to DK. I imagine we end up keeping 6 bodies here, so with me assuming we bring in another veteran, I think that means Ursua and Swain are battling with each other for that backup slot WR role. Sullivan strikes me as a PS guy unless he really shows off in the preseason. 

TE: Little to no chance Luke makes the team, and I'm quietly hoping we can shed Hollister off our books as well (will definitely be pending Dissly's health). 

OT: This group is scary thin. 

OG: I like the depth we have in place here. 4 guys who I would feel pretty comfortable starting Week 1. 

C: I really want to assume that the FO saw how bad Hunt was last season and is ready to anoint Finney the new starter from the get-go. 

EDGE: Good depth here and I'm fully expecting Everson Griffen or Yannick Ngakoue to join the mix. 

DT: Like you said, some of our 5-tech guys can move inside, but boy is this group uninspiring from a pass-rush perspective. Would really like to add Michael Bennett to this room. 

LB: Solid. 

Secondary: Really like what we've done here. Good depth top to bottom. We have to see more from Blair this season. I'd love for us to rotate Diggs, McDougald, and Blair in and out with game flow. Also excited to see the sophomore leap from Ugo Amadi. 


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About the TE position, im thinking it shakes out like this :

1. Greg Olson

2. Jacob Hollister

3. Colby Parkison

4. Luke Willson


Luke probably sticks around until Dissly comes of the PUP, or is able to play fully.

I feel like Seattle was at their best early in the year when they could and did run a lot of double TE. Injuries really derailed that. My assumption is Colby spends year one mostly lining up outside leaving Olson and Willson as the only two inline TE (Until Dissy is fully back). Its why I think Seattle takes 4 TE's into the season (barring injury). 

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28 minutes ago, SaveOurSonics said:

Seahawks release Naz Jones. Interior DLine gets even thinner. 

And so ends the Ballad of Naz Jones.

1. Balled out his rookie preseason

2. Picked 6'd Aaron Rodgers in game 1, Q1

3. Pretty solid rotational 3 TECH in 2017 ; 3 PDS, 1 FF, 2 SKs ; getting 30-70 % of defensive snaps.



I legit thought he was going to be something after that start he had. He caught my eye, game 1 of the preseason, and I was ready to anoint him the next thing along the DLINE. IDK, what happened. 

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BTW, Seattle currently has more TE's (8) then Defensive Tackles (6).

You'd HAVE to imagine they add another player there. 

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Of the UDFA, there are quite a few with a shot to make the roster.

Anthony Gordon, on because there is literally nobody else right now.

LB/Rusher Eli Mencer is a swiss army knife. Moved from LB to a stand up rusher. 14.5 sacks and 24 tackles for loss in 2019. Dude made FCS tackles look like fools on a regular basis. Got completed washed out against Pitt, the closest thing to NFL talent he played against in 2019. At 6'1 230 a little undersized for LB and LEO in Seattles scheme. Could push the rosters as a ST/LB. 

CB Gavin Heslop has the size and length Seattle covets at the position with 32 inch arms. CB that makes a living up in run support. Ended his career with 21 TKS for Loss, 30 PDs, 4 FF and 3 blocked kicks. Again, should push to make an impact on ST.

DL Marcus Webb at 6'3 270 probably needs to make the team as a rotational 5 tech. Troy videos are hard to come by, but when you watch them he spends a lot of time in the backfield. Finsihed 2019 with 6 sacks and 8 tackles for loss. In 2018 he was credited with 34 pressures, 13 hurries. 


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