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Justin Fields Will Be Better Than Trevor Lawrence

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1 hour ago, Ozzy said:

Torrance Gibson looked like a future 1st round pick on Ohio State his first Spring game, and clearly see where his career has gone since then.  So until they actually perform on the field in a real game, it is just a high school ranking that means little to nothing I feel.


@buno67 I agree completely, Olave could have an outstanding season and really was pretty outstanding last year already.  Great speed, good route running ability and has a fine catch radius.  Will be interesting how they do without the depth they have had in seasons previous.  


Gipson had such a messed up life before he got to college. I want to say when he came up to the Friday Night Lights in Columbus. He somehow found a ride to Columbus but had no way to get home. It left coaches scrambling. 

Fleming is a different beast tho. He was the #1 WR, Gipson was a QB who wasn’t going to see the field unless he changed positions. Fleming gets to work with arguably one of the best WR coaches in the nation in Hartline. 

I think their depth is going to be fine. Just won’t be as seasoned as years past  guys like Gardiner, Gill, and Cooper are going to be good. Fleming might make the same impact like Wilson did last year.  I just expect Olave to have a huge year because he will be the most trusted WR on the team and will be one of the top WRs in the nation  


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