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2020 Indianapolis Colts

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Hey Guys.

Firstly sorry for not being around for a while. Been a bit mad (for obvious reasons) so haven't had the chance to visit here recently. 

I can say that I did keep up with the season though, and have a bit to say on the Colts Season, so this might go on a bit 🙂.

Firstly I think tremendous credit has to go to Chris Ballard for the absolute brilliant job he did in the NFL draft. He acquired two great talents in Jonathan Allen and Michael Pittman Jr, as well as using our 1st in a great trade to get DeForest Buckner. All three showed they can contribute to the team this season and Ballard is a breath of fresh air as a GM compared to Ryan Grigson and he just shows that more and more. 

I'm also so glad that Frank Reich became our HC. Of course it wouldn't have happened if McD hadn't pulled out so don't know if he deserves credit..........scratch that, no he doesn't, meaning Reich became our coach and again, I have nothing but good things to say. He's done a great job and hope he stays for a while.

As for the season, I think it can be considered a success. We got to the Playoffs and should have beaten the number 2 seed at their place. Just too many mistakes made. Phillip Rivers had a good season, really enjoyed seeing him play and all the best to him in retirement.

Of course his retirement means we're now searching for a QB again. Stafford was the front runner until he of course went to L.A. There's obviously still rumours that Wentz will come due to his relationship with Reich but Sirianni has gone there now which suggests the Eagles are very much attempting to mend fences with Wentz and get the best out of him using Reich's coaching staff so doesn't seem likely. 

Now we're being touted as wanting Goff but honestly think it would be preferable to draft a QB  instead of taking on Goff's big contract and potentially taking a QB who appears to have gone backwards in terms of ability. It would depend on how much Detroit wanted and if the value was worth it. 

Overall I think we are in a great position, our defence is quality as well as our O-line and surrounding pieces. We just need that all important correct piece under centre to take us to the top.

Let's hope we get it. 

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