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Darren Sproles done for the year after ACL tear and broken arm on same play


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Shame his career could end like this, but playing as long as he has at his size is truly remarkable. It's also a shame casual fans probably won't see his career for what it was. He'll probably be largely forgotten by most

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51 minutes ago, domepatrol91 said:

Think I'm making a little scatback type dude on madden today to honor Sproles legacy. Playing on easy of course cause Lightning Bug always made it look that way.

Tiniest Tank Bawse.


A couple tank bawse pics popped up in my Facebook memories today lol. I used to upload them on fb and post them here 

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On 9/26/2017 at 2:07 AM, Sugashane said:

This just sucks. He was always exciting and a dynamic jack of all trades. To records to his name display that fact:

NFL records

  • Most combined total return yards in a two-game playoff span (2008): 602
  • Most All-purpose yards in a single season (2011): 2,696

If I'm not mistaken, only one man holds the single season all-purpose yards per game NFL record. It's not Sproles, but Terry Metcalf of the 1975 Cardinals. Playing in a 14 game regular season, Metcalf averaged roughly 176 yards per game.  

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