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Hypothetical Top 2 2021 Draft Order Scenario. Jacksonville and Chicago

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2 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

It seemed like the Bears underachieved last year.  Compared to the previous season they sure did.  I just see the Packers and Vikings as being two teams in transition, and that could hurt us both.

I'd argue the Bears overachieved in 2018 more than they underachieved in 2019.  Pythagorean wins had them at 7.4 wins, and they were +3 in close wins/losses last year.  They probably were a 7 to 9 win team, and they went 8-8.  Unless they get significantly better QB play, they're wasting all that defensive talent.  Mitchell Trubisky was 30th in ANY/A last year.  That's abysmal.

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