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Hypothetical Top 2 2021 Draft Order Scenario. Jacksonville and Chicago

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2 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

It seemed like the Bears underachieved last year.  Compared to the previous season they sure did.  I just see the Packers and Vikings as being two teams in transition, and that could hurt us both.

I'd argue the Bears overachieved in 2018 more than they underachieved in 2019.  Pythagorean wins had them at 7.4 wins, and they were +3 in close wins/losses last year.  They probably were a 7 to 9 win team, and they went 8-8.  Unless they get significantly better QB play, they're wasting all that defensive talent.  Mitchell Trubisky was 30th in ANY/A last year.  That's abysmal.

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On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 5:52 PM, .Buzz said:

...these type of takes kill me every. single. time.

Who would want to go to a franchise that hasn't had "the guy" at the QB position since the 90s/early 00's and be the guy to put them back on the map? These guys definitely don't have a competitive bone in their body nor want to be the guy to turn a franchise around I'm sure...

Same crap Bengals fans dealt with in February/March.  It's just plain ridiculous.

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5 hours ago, brushmyhair said:

The Bears might tank for Lawrence at this rate. This contract that mahomes is about to get is going to make the bears look so foolish

Would they have traded for Mack had they drafted Mahomes? 

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10 hours ago, MSURacerDT55 said:

Chicago is wayyyyyyyy to good defensively to be on this list, at worst they'll be 7-9

Look at the Chargers last year, injuries doomed them on defense. Look at the texans 2017 defense, Look at the 2017 Broncos. With COVID getting in the way of valuable preperation, They might not be in football shape. 



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I mean this whole season is going to be a complete crapshoot with Covid, and just generalized potential for injuries....

THAT SAID, people in this thread are almost comically underrating the Bears....... If Trubisky (or likely, by the end of the season Foles) gives even MEDIOCRE output offensively, the team could still get 10 wins.. The defense is legitimately that good, and now actually has a 2nd pass rusher w/ Robert Quinn opposite Khalil Mack.

2018 was an outlier for sure defensively in a good way, but 2019 was a massive outlier offensively for the team in a bad way....... They won't be superstars or suddenly morph into an offensive powerhouse, but they quietly added some tools they where missing. Specifically we didn't even have a TE last year, in an offense that apparently requires solid TE production. Even a washed up Graham upgrades that (for as long as he stays upright), and by all reports the rookie Kmet has actually been a standout as well. Beyond that, we had absolutely zero deep ball potential last year, since no one was actually fast enough to get downfield, and even if they where, Trubisky couldn't hit the lake if he fell out of a boat on any pass further than 10 yards.  We also had a an outlier season of pretty atrocious OL play absolutely crushing our running game, and the net result was trying to air the ball out 40+ times a game with a journeyman QB who couldn't throw further than 10 yards down the field and every defense could just squat their DBs 10 yards and play the short game and shut the only thing we could do, right the hell down.

This year, you simply can't expect the offensive line to be as bad as they showed last season. They won't be world beaters, but they're not likely to be rancid dumpster fire levels of bad again either, so you can expect marginally better production in the running game.  Next up, we have added Ginn and drafted Mooney, and both have the speed to actually stretch the field, and Foles actually has the downfield accuracy to take advantage of that when he ends up starting (and if he doesn't it means some kind of miracle happened and Trubisky has at least somewhat developed, and that might actually be at least somewhat possible, now that we have DeFilipo as the QBcoach. I mean say what you want about his failed ventures as an OC, but he's squeezed a hell of a lot of production out of multiple powerfully mediocre QBs before)

So the idea that we're going to be anywhere near bad enough for #2 overall is pretty laughable, but entertaining the premise of the thread for a moment, we are right now basically what the jaguars where a few years ago and still potentially one solid-good QB away from Superbowl contention. How much longer this "window" lasts, however? That's the real question, because defensive windows don't typically last all that long, and we're already on the third year of this one. Lawrence might consider gambling on the potential, rather than wanting to join an in progress dumpster fire/rebuild, but I also doubt he'd be the kind of guy to actually "pull an Eli"/

Finally, I'd close out by saying that Nagy being the coach would be a nonfactor.... if we end up picking #2 overall, EVERYONE is getting fired in the front office and coaching staff, but I'd be a hell of a lot more surprised about the team somehow picking #2 overall than I would about them winning  10-11 games this year. The defense is simply way too good, and the amount of water the offense will be asked to actually carry is simply way too low for them to lose that many games.

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