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2021 Draft Talk


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5 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

Geez, Vikings fans.  I hope you're happy.  Spielman is having one heck of a draft so far.  Wyatt Davis is one of my biggest draft crushes.  Awesome pick!!!!!

I guess me & UB are driving this bus lol

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2 minutes ago, NoDakViking said:

Will be interesting to see how that interior shakes out.  Do you move Cleveland to LG?

I think so. Don’t want two rookies holding up the left side, imo. Davis is a nasty RG, that’s where he belongs.

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Just now, dc_vikingfan said:

Now want Twyman in the 4th. Maybe get a safety or  Perkins with their last 3rd round pick 

If we can land Twyman & Schwartz Im not even sure what I would do but that along with adding Sterns is almost a perfect draft to me & I wasn't a fan of the QB selection but who cares now that we've solidified our team *on Paper* 

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2 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

I think you put Davis at RG, where he played in college. And you flip Cleveland to LG, where he spent all of training camp, and with the 2nd team in practice early in the season. 

Agreed. Plus Davis seems to have better size. I’d trust him more at RG. 

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4 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

I was just thinking of you, PCP.  I thought "somewhere, PCP has a big smile on his face."  I'm happy for you, buddy.

I know nothing about if they will be good, but I pretty much never do....but ya, I'm happy with those two picks on principle. I don't get the other two picks, but that's ok.

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