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21 hours ago, SemperFeist said:

I really hope that this becomes the ultimate foreshadowing tweet. 

Would be great but then what leave Cleveland at guard where he is not the best.  Good news for the Vikings the 49ers signed Trent Williams so might not be as interested in Slater potentially so he maybe could drop but I see the Chargers wanting him as well.  




Vikings should pay attention to Richard LeCounte, very smart and intelligent safety who at times looked every bit of a 1st round pick.  Had a bad 40 time and is coming off a major dirtbike injury where two cars hit him.  So is not fully healthy I am sure but kid is smart, competitive, good leader and if they move on from Anthony Harris and LeCounte falls to the 3rd Vikings should take him and run.



6 hours ago, VikeManDan said:


That is impressive but not a huge surprise, never thought he would get that much be dude is very compact and clearly powerful.  Doubt he makes it past the 2nd round though.

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A lot of very bad numbers out of Pitts pro day, Twyman’s bench not withstanding, both he and Paris Ford showed bottom percentile athleticism. 

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51 minutes ago, PrplChilPill said:

Gotta be an OL at this point.......they still need at least 2 starters.

Don't take IOL in the first round - only premium positions 

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6 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

IOL is fast becoming a premium position. 

All OL, because all of the talent is moving to the defensive pass rush side of the ball. Passing league now. Limited amount of above average offensive lineman.

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