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2021 Prospects: LB Edition

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With the 2020 draft over with, I have started to put together my scouting worksheets for the 2021 draft. Linebacker is going to be a need: Davis had his 5th year option declined and neither Christian Jones or Jamie Collins are long term options. 

There's an entire season, off-season, draft declarations, etc. This is just to get an eye on some players who could wind up as future Lions. 

The rankings are broken down by: Physical Score + Production Score = Player Score

Physical Score:

Height, Weight, 40 Yard Dash, Short Shuttle, Vertical divided by the class average. 40, SS and VJ are taken from ESPN Recruiting (when applicable)

Ex. Score of 1.0 = Average; Score of 0.95 is 5% less than average; Score of 1.05 is 5% better than average

Production Score:

On field production divided by class average

Ex. Score of 1.0 = Average; Score of 0.95 is 5% less than average; Score of 1.05 is 5% better than average

Player Score:

Physical Score x 5 + Production Score x 5

Ex. A player whose attributes are 5% better than average with 50% better production than the class average

(1.05 x 5) = 5.25 + (1.50 x 5) = 7.5 = 12.75


Because this is the Lions, I am highlighting guys that are 240 lbs+. Guys that have a Player Score of 10.0 and above are in bold. A lack of production from a low number of snaps in 2019 can play a part. There are other guys who could have big seasons in 2020 or have a lot of potential on a NFL roster. 

  • Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
  • Merlin Robertson, LB, Arizona State
  • Derrick Barnes, LB, Purdue
  • Paddy Fisher, LB, Northwestern
  • Jamar Watson, LB, Kentucky
  • Erroll Thompson, LB, Mississippi State
  • Riko Jeffers, LB, Texas Tech
  • Shaka Toney, LB, Penn State
  • Ayodele Adeoye, LB, Texas
  • Baron Browning, LB, Ohio State > Had a 4.56 40 and 37.4" Vertical Jump
  • Palaie Gaoteote, LB, USC > Had a 40" Vertical Jump
  • Quay Walker, LB, Georgia


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