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Rank every division’s QB situations: AFC East

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There are several different metrics that this question is asking and can be answered — thats a very good thing. 

If we take each QB's situation I would say:

Bills — Has the best set of skill players to compliment Allen

Pats — Always seem to be competent when it comes to running an offense with out Brady. 

Dolphins — I think there's more talent on the offensive side of the ball than the Jets, but huge questions with the coaching staff and the AFCE's favorite OC, Chan Gailey

Jets — Douglas has done pretty well in his first offseason as GM to reshape the offensive line and add a few pieces. I really like Mims, but just don't think he moves the needle that much. And Can't forget about Gase being HC/calling plays.


If we're ranking them on who's the best, I would give a slightly biased edge to Darnold over Allen, but that is a pretty much toss up. Tua is a guy I really like, but there are very huge injury/durability questions and issues. Stidham is also a big question mark, but I did see him not play well vs the Jets last season. 

So that would be




To see that people say that any of these clubs should give up on their young possible franchise QB to sign a 31 y/o Cam Newton is out there imo. 

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