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2020 Titans Schedule

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Ah the NFL Schedule....
My least favorite "hype" NFL  event. 

But it is great to see some primetime games on there.

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I don’t do predictions because they are ridiculous to even attempt right now in May

All I will say is the Titans had to play on the road 4 straight weeks to end last season with week 17 in Houston then in New England Baltimore and KC

This year the Titans week 16 and 17 games are on the road

A bye would obviously be huge and even more so this year with 5 of the last 7 being on the road 

Titans flat out at the very least have to win the division 

Im at the point with this staff and team that I feel the Titans can hang with anyone 

Yes some games scare me but I don’t feel like how I use to feel where we are reliant on an injury to help us win against a good team

I was very against wanting to go to Lambeau in December to watch that game but I’m going to embrace the hell out of it 

Lambeau Field in December on Sunday Night Football, what a setting  

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Week 1 @ Broncos  W 20-16
Week 2 vs. Jaguars W 28-10
Week 3 @ Vikings L 24-20
Week 4 vs. Steelers W 21-20
Week 5 vs. Bills  W 20-16
Week 6 vs. Texans W 28-20
Week 8 @ Bengals W 31-10
Week 9 vs. Bears W 26-14
Week 10 vs. Colts TNF L 30-24
Week 11 @ Ravens L 35-20
Week 12 @ Colts W 23-17
Week 13 vs. Browns W 28-24
Week 14 @ Jaguars W 35-17
Week 15 vs. Lions W 23-20
Week 16 @ Packers L 24-17
Week 17 @ Texans L 27-20
Yes Titans go 11-5 and win the division

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