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9 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

The majority of gamblers, and where most of Vegas' winnings come from, are based purely off emotions. 

Sure the very few (relative to vegas) sharp bettors try to take all emotion out of it, but most of, like 80%+ (thats on the low side) of the tickets they give out are an emotional bet of some magnitude.

Which is why many lines, take advantage of that emotion. It is already baked in for teams like the Cowboys. With one of the biggest fan bases in all of American Sports, they get the most bets for them to win no matter what their line is.

So with that being said, if they think the Rams are a 2 pt favorite, and even more people would jump on that for the Cowboys, they can swing the line to the Boys being the 2pt favorite, and all they are losing is the sharp money, which is what would be the most at stake for them to lose. 

Again, Dallas, Green Bay, New England (in past years) and then each years "Hot" teams, like the Chiefs all got alittle bump in their lines, hedging their way, because the common better doesnt care if they are a 2pt favorite or a 5 pt favorite, they are betting them the same

I don't want to derail this thread, but short response to your post is do not look at it as "number of bets"; look at it as dollar amounts.

Casual fans have $5, $10, $100 bets. These obviously add up. And if these teams have larger fan bases betting for them, they also have larger fans bases betting against them for the same reason. I personally despise the Cowboys. 

What swings a betting line is a sharp better letting fans make their bets and then they lay $500K on something and then the line swings. I think Cowboys -2.5 in a city that will have a decent amount of Cowboys fans show up, coming off a Cowboys victory vs the Rams last year, and given the Cowboys awesome draft makes a ton of sense as a line that exists in May. I do think that line will come down to even money before kick off. I personally will be taking the Rams ML. 

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On 5/8/2020 at 7:57 AM, JonStark said:

Don't do it. 

I'm outside of Philly (around Pottstown), and I went to the game back in 2008. Will never go to another Eagles game rooting for the other team. 

I’m outside of Philly (around North Coventry) I wouldn’t go to a Rams Eagles game. Don’t have to worry when you are home.

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