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2020 Schedule (Release tomorrow 5/7)

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It looks like the league is scheduling all of Week 1-4 as AFC/NFC games (in the event that Covid-19 leads to lost weeks). So, we'd get the NFCN the first four weeks of the season...

That's a potential 3-1 start as a ceiling, and a 1-3 start as a floor (for as bad as BoB is, he's still better than Matt Patricia).

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We have a pretty easy schedule with the NFC North this year plus the patriots are a weakened 1 seed. Chiefs and Ravens gonna be tough but we also get the Steelers, browns and bengals.  Could easily be another 10-6 season for us. 

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1 hour ago, KhanYouDigIt said:


That's cute. 

1 hour ago, lumberjackchris said:

Could easily be 0-4

I see 0-4, 2-5 by the bye. I think Tim Kelly or Anthony Weaver will be fired somewhere in this timeframe, as BoB looks for his scapegoat. Weaver has a replacement in house with "advisor" Romeo Crennell already in the building, but firing Kelly will allow O'Brien to run the offense (but let's be real, he'll be running it anyways).

I'm also thinking a starter will be traded around this time for next to nothing - Berdnardrick McKinney and a 6th round pick for some #3/#4 CB and a 4th in 2024 or something like that. Because best interest of the TEAM, or whatever.

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