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Andrew Thomas and Xavier McKinney vs Jedrick Wills and Grant Delpit vs Tristan Wirfs and Antoine Winfield

Better pair long term   

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  1. 1. Which pair of tackle / safety will be the better pair long term

    • Giants Andrew Thomas / Xavier Mckinney
    • Browns Jedrick Wills / Grant Delpit
    • Buccaneers Tristan Wirfs / Antoine Winfeld Jr

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1 hour ago, Danger said:

Delpit is severely underrated.

Yeah he was the latest victim of prospect fatigue and overcorrecting. He was always a little overrated so everyone moved him down. Way too far. The missed tackle percentage became his demise and people took it as him being soft and unwilling, rather than realizing he was injured. He also took some bad angles, which is more forgiving and correctable than a lack of physicality.

He triggers downhill quickly in the run game and will lay people out. He had made very difficult tackles in open space. He is a stud in coverage and has an elite physical profile. 

Definitely not a perfect prospect, but I still thought he would go in the teens. 

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I went with the Browns duo. Wills should be a top RT for a decade and Delpit had a down season but should play at a good to high level for a decade and the question was better pair long term. Wills like a Willie Anderson and Delpit gets a few pro bowls but not every season regular type of player.

Thomas is a decade LT with top LT ability. Paul Gruber floor Joe Thomas ceiling. McKinney I don't see playing more than 8 years and probably not getting a 2nd contract because not good enough to pay but good enough for some other team to overpay and have him flame out. 

Wirfs has Larry Allen ability but probably won't reach it because Larry was a bad man coming from little Sonoma State before they got rid of football. I'm from Sonoma County and wanted him on the Raiders. Winfield will have a career like Delpit but not make it a decade because of his size. Not Earl Thomas or a Bob Sanders and not an every year pro bowl but gets some.

I see all 3 OL getting 2nd contracts with their teams but only Delpit stays a decade with his team. Guess we'll have to look back in a decade and see what's up. 

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On 5/7/2020 at 7:10 PM, samsel23 said:

Thomas / Wills / Wirfs

Delpit / Winfield / McKinney

Wills / Delpit pretty easily for me, but I really liked Delpit.  Think he’s going to be a top Safety with the rest of the Browns D around him. 

You mean a defense with corners that are just as bad as tacklers as he is? Those tackle drills will be fun to watch. :D


On 5/8/2020 at 12:30 PM, BleedTheClock said:

I think Delpit can cover more ground and has a much higher ceiling. His tackling issues were overrated IMO. 

I agree I think Delpit is the best coverage safety to come out in a while. But his tackling issues are under sold IMO. He just has terrible form, it isn't like he doesn't try either. He might've been protecting his injured shoulder. But he was pretty bad at tackling before getting injured. 


I think Wills is limited physically. He just always ending plays with his hands on his head or on his waist. Instead of mauling through the whistle. I just never liked those kind of tackle prospects in the NFL because no matter how good their technique is, it will fail when the rusher gains their second wind and they are to gassed to continue competing. This could be just me nitpicking, since he is good in almost every other aspect (I lost count how many times he was called for a false start, and if someone gets on his outside he doesn't have the foot quickness to keep up and gets too wide as a result making him an easy target). I think he's just gonna have a better career playing RT. I honestly think the Browns would be better off playing him there. 

Now I think Wills the RT is better than Wirfs the OT, but I think Wirfs the OG is one of the best players in this class. 

I think Thomas is the best pure LT of this bunch right now (Becton has a higher ceiling though). 

Even with all his missed tackles, Delpit has the highest ceiling out of every Safety in this class. He is just so good at every thing but tackling. His issue isn't want; it's execution. If Cleveland could fix Greedy and Ward, I am sure Delpit will figure out how to tackle as well. I am using fix loosely, since both players still have problems with tackling, but it has gotten better for Ward in both his seasons and Greedy looked way better tackling this year than in college. If that secondary can figure out how to tackle, then that team has potentially one of the scariest back half in the league. 

McKinney is my number 2 Safety. I went with Thomas/McKinney because I view LT as more important than RT. But that line is becoming more and more blurred. I could have easily gone Wills/Delpit. 




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2 hours ago, YogiBiz said:

You mean a defense with corners that are just as bad as tacklers as he is? Those tackle drills will be fun to watch. :D

The only CB that struggled to tackle was Greedy Williams. And he wasn't that bad. He showed tremendous improvement from his LSU tape and was always flashing in the run game. Late in the year his tackling went to crap, but he didn't once shy away from the action in his rookie season despite that being the main concern at LSU.

Denzel Ward is an excellent tackler and is very physical for a cornerback. Always was. Almost too physical, as he's gotten injured for throwing himself at ball carriers with violence.


The main concern last year with the Browns was our outside linebackers and safeties trying to tackle. They were simply awful at it. Delpit doesn't make us a better tackling unit, but adding Sendejo and Karl Joseph will absolutely help. Delpit can be the cleanup FS.


Our big problem again this year will be OLB play. Plus our DE's get into pass rush mode way too often and it leaves the C-gap vulnerable to big plays. Hopefully things change with a new DC and he prioritizes run fits.

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15 minutes ago, sryan66611 said:

Seems the Bucs group is pulling away from the competition at the moment.  Winfield just won defensive rookie of the month and Wirfs is playing above expectations too.

Kinda easy to say when both Xavier McKinney and Grant Delpit are on the IR...

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