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2021 NFL Draft Thread

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On 10/16/2020 at 4:48 AM, persiandud said:

Is there a chance Rondale Moore is available in the 28-32 range? he is my biggest draft crush 

Available? Maybe. Will we draft him? No. We've clearly established a pattern in which we like WR's that are at least 6-3. Sure there are exceptions such as Davante and Shepherd, but both those guys are physical receivers while Moore is only 5' 9" and really isn't that much of a burner down the field. I think he can carve out a nice niche a la Wes Welker/Julian Edelman, but he doesn't fit what we expect out of our receivers. 


21 hours ago, 15412 said:

I think the Packers along with several other teams drafted this year to some degree with an eye to this season either being cancelled or shortened.  All while still staying true to their board of course, 1. but for maybe the first time in a very long time with expectations more aimed at the future.  


2. It is impossible to weigh the need in the coming off season without knowing what we're planning to do with our own FA's.   The Packers have a real clear idea, but even they do not know for sure at this point.  My hope is they are able to re-sign Bak, King, Williams, and Linsley.  Let's say Kirksey and Turner are gone.   Our need at CB would be diminished, losing only Jackson.  In comparison to losing King being my point.  3. I see this teams greatest needs at D-Line and possibly WR, OT, and DB after that.  ILB a need too, but with out young players already on the team and that positions seemingly decreased value in comparison to others we'll find one.  Value is king and sure if another Edge guy or TE is too good to pass at some point we take them, but this as a general guide.   Really a shot in the dark until we know what vets we keep and which ones are let loose.

1. Not sure I can agree with this premise. The only draft that I could think of that would match that premise was the 2015 draft or at least the first half of it. You go back to the Spriggs pick the next year and that was intended to either be insurance for Bulaga or more likely, a future RT given Bakh's status at the time. The same could be said about some of the other picks that looked to be immediate needs, but had reasonable starters in front of them. We all know Gary is supposed to be a project as well.

2. Excellent point and one that should make our conversations here quite interesting moving forward. If anything, it'll make the league quite interesting and much more competitive over the next two years at least. However, we do have obvious areas of need because...

3. No doubt IDL is STILL the biggest area of need, but I think we need to toy with the idea of reviewing our general consensus at ILB. Summers is quietly improving, Krys Barnes has made an almost immediate impact, and Kirksey(when he was healthy) was what we needed. We should be considering developing another guy for the green dot and probably already are in that process, but we need to think about whether or not it's the immediate need we felt it once was; especially if we have to focus on CB again with a higher pick. LIS in a thread the other day: if Martin can be that world beater some here seem to think he is, well then we can focus on CB and IDL - another Safety wouldn't hurt as well. I'm not as worried about WR as some here though I wouldn't mind if we drafted another guy. We just do so much with Lazard and Ervin that I can't help but wonder if we really need to invest a Day 2 pick at the position. Personally, I don't think OT is an issue at the moment either, but in referring back to point one, I think you have to start thinking ahead here. Frankly, we have a revolving door at RT and it's working for the moment....until it doesn't - so suffice it to say we have to prepare for that moment.

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