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The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0


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12 hours ago, titansNvolsR#1 said:

I don't like change. I miss having to pinch to each link, still missing, and going to thread I've no business being in! 

I do appreciate the blue and no scorching red color palette. 

You can still close your eyes and blindly jump around the forum if you want to replicate the old site lol.

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2 minutes ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Nah, football season is right around the corner!

Seven days until camp, 22 days until the preseason opener.

Really want more of Titania over here when camp starts. Camp is such a prime time to use the new embed tweets and video features that posting on the old FF will be such a pain.

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22 minutes ago, KingTitan said:

Played  Laser Tag downtown with Derrick Mason and his sons.  I beat him. :) Don't know how into he was though. 

 I'm going to suggest you choose to think you dominated a former Ravens wide receiver putting forth maximum effort in laser tag.

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Just now, titansNvolsR#1 said:

Frontier is a brutal airline. 

I've used them twice and haven't had issues. Then again, I'm also able to pack entirely in a backpack so I don't have to deal with any of the extra add-ons or any potential lost baggage problems. It's your basic budget airline.

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