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Jets to sign CB Logan Ryan (Per "Source")

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Per my Titans fan friend, can't cover the outside and can't cover speed but is a great slot CB and does all of the little things right

Seeing as how we already have Brian Poole and Jamal Adams also covering the TE/slot, this is interesting

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Breakdown (from Twitter)

Projected #Jets CBs:

Outside #1: Pierre Desir

Outside #2: Bless Austin

Slot: Brian Poole

Nickel: Logan Ryan

Depth 1: Quincy Wilson

Depth 2: Bryce Hall

Depth 3: Battle between Maulet/Hairston/Guidry/Jackson

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I hope Mehta is not wrong again.  It is not yet confirmed.  But you can't trust Mehta.  Don't forget this Mehta trolling a few hours before the draft:


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2 minutes ago, SDotNova said:

So we have the number blitzing corner and the number 1 blitzing safety. Oh boy. GW is going to have a ball.

It's veryyyyy interesting

We don't have an elite pass rusher but we have elite blitzing backs

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