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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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the challenge has started by the way - this isn't a buzzer just a heads up, the buzzers could come at any time so get posting

tribe 2twins1tribe

  1. @swoosh
  2. @The Orca
  3. @Pickle Rick
  4. @Malfatron
  5. @MookieMonstah
  6. @daboyle250
  7. @Outpost31
  8. @gopherwrestler
  9. @mission27

tribe death to swooshy

  1. @Matts4313
  2. @TedLavie
  3. @Wyld Stallyns
  4. @theuntouchable
  5. @JoshstraDaymus
  6. @Ragnarok
  7. @bcb1213
  8. @MWil23
  9. @ET80
  10. @SwAg
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