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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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@ET80, here is your answer:

25. BigBadBuff - No clue who he is.
24. TLO - I don't think he actually exists. 
23. Wyld Stallyns - Don't think he has the heart.
22. Matts - Don't think he has the brain.
21. Mwil - Don't think he understands the game.  I was like, "Does this dude seriously not get he's going next?"
20. Swag - Is more full of himself than I am and doesn't know how to play nice with people he doesn't like. 
19. Gopher - Doesn't know WTF he's doing in these games as far as working with others. 
18. Whicker - Lost his heart for these games sometime after he got carried to a BB win.
17. BCB - Would never be able to win with his strategy for this game.  Too easy a target, can't get far in these games without friends.  A good player with a different strategy
16. Finn - Lives on Chaos and Ratings.  Is an expert at navigating through this, but it puts a big target on his head, too.  Would not have won BB if I didn't protect him. 
15. Ragnarok - Doesn't really have the time to put the requisite energy into these. 
14. Dwight - Knows the game very well, but doesn't come across as trustworthy.
13. Touch - Assumes too much and takes things too personally. 
12. Ted - Understands the game very well, but doesn't quite make enough killer moves to consistently position himself into a final 4 situation.  You have to make some.  A shoe-in to win if he does get to the final 2 due to his likability.
11. Orca/Pickle - They're great individually, but they're crippled by the fact that everyone knows they're always together.  They have a built in handicap that they cannot escape.  If one of them goes early in the game, they're a real threat.
10. Nazgul - Very willing to be cutthroat, but too cutthroat about it.  Makes too many promises to too many people.  I know I'm getting heat over my cutthroatness now, but I didn't promise any of you anything.  Nazgul uses promises, then lies about them.  That's the difference between the two of us.  Otherwise, he's a dominant player in these games. 
9. Daboyle gets the game, is willing to make moves, but is very likable and knows how to insulate himself against fallback, great at challenges,
8. Swoosh gets the game, is willing to make moves, is very loyal, knows how to insulate himself against fallback.  Doesn't have that all important luck factor though.
7. Mission - This is, of course, assuming his full involvement.  He's better at these games than people assume, and part of it is this aura he's created around himself as himself.
6. Josh - Understands the game and is willing to make moves.  If Matts tribe had sucked less, it would have been him in the final 5. 
5. Mookie - Makes moves and thinks multiple tribal councils into the future.  Fiercely competitive and also knows the value of surrounding himself with friends. 
4. ET - Your biggest strength is your malleability.  Somebody wants to do something but you don't want to do it, you're excellent at getting them to think something else is their idea, or, if it doesn't hurt you, going with their idea to prop them up knowing it doesn't hurt your game.
3. Outpost31 - Stays friendly and fun enough throughout the game for nobody to really want to take him out early, if you watch his words around you you know what to expect, but is also willing to stab others in the back or blindside them if they're not who he's really working with.  If you get with him early you will last long.  Is prone to overthinking things, trying to have his cake and eat it too and make boneheaded decisions.
2. Malf - Everyone knows he's the biggest threat and that he is smarter than anyone else in these games, but he does it with such an indifferent, aw shucks demeanor so as to come off as unthreatening.  Makes people want to get voted out by him with his charm. 
1. I forgot somebody. 

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Just now, TedLavie said:

I think you'd have easily won against ET imho. I obviously didn't have a complete picture of what ET did in this game, but I don't think anyone did which would have worked greatly in your favor. 

Ehhh, I don't know.  I was worried about the spite votes.  I knew I was going to get some.  Those are very serious votes you have to be aware of.  I did Pickle and Orca a little dirty, I did Mookie dirty and BCB doesn't like me.  ET, too, but I would have had to upset either Mission or ET.

So I went with the option of forcing Pickle, Orca, BCB and Mookie to go completely against every inclination of voting for who deserved to win or to vote for me.

Nobody - not even Mission - sincerely believes Mission deserves to win this.

If he does, I'll wish I'd taken ET. 

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2 hours ago, bcb1213 said:

Ftr you didn't forget anyone you just combined the brothers into one ranking.  You're welcome 

Thank you for the solution to that problem.  Tarzan doesn’t have a beard because he has alopecia areata.

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If I win and if Malf isn't quite ready for Big Brother,

I will do a Movie Game.  It will be like the Draft a Movie game, except it will be more competitive with one player/team eliminated each week.  Players will be able to play solo or as a team (of up to two players per team).  The start of each week will be a movie related reward challenge that will determine perks and handicaps for your movie, and then the rest of the week will be allotted to plotting your movie.  One day for reward challenge, 4 days to submit your movie synopsis (up to 2,000 words), then each weekend players, teams and fans (the whole forum) will rank the movies from best to worst.  The lowest graded team/player will be eliminated from the game and have a weighted vote the rest of the way.  All movie submissions will be anonymous until a player is eliminated.  I, the host, will add my own movie to the competitors to try to steal advantages for the next movies. 

Reward challenges will range from Bad Descriptions, Elevator Pitches, Quickest Quote, First Lines, Last Lines, Name the Movie and more.  Each will be randomly selected.

The movies you will be making will range from broad genres (Horror, Sci Fi, Drama...), existing franchises (Phantasm, Nightmare on Elm St, Star Wars, Alien...) to Random Prompts (Globe Spanning Thriller, Woman Afraid of Squirrels, A Hidden Temple)... Each week, the movie will be randomly selected.  The handicaps/perks will be based on which movie is selected and how players perform in the weekly challenges.  For example, if the movie is Universal Soldier, the winner of the reward challenge will be able to do whatever they want.  Second, third and fourth place will have to do a remake, the last batch of finishers will have to make a direct sequel to the original starring Jean Claude Van Damme that will have a straight to DVD budget.  Or, if the movie was the prompt A Woman Afraid of Squirrels, the winner of the reward challenge would be able to do whatever they wanted with the prompt.  The middle finishers would have to make it a black comedy, the losers would have to cast Amy Schumer as the lead actress. 

Each week will be something different. 

If I win and Malf is ready for Big Brother, my game doesn't matter.

If I lose, none of you get anything and shame on you. 

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