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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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14 minutes ago, mission27 said:

I am an icon of FootballsFuture and have treated everyone with fairness and respect and played a flawless game

Plus, my work on the corona pandemic this year has been instrumental

My opponent is senile

I means these points are hard to argue against @Outpost31

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before i do read the votes i would just like to say a few words

i started this game about two weeks after the former mrs s called things off in the middle of the lockdowns - as such, i couldn't do the normal thing (go out and party and screw my problems away), and was more or less stuck inside to get over it. hosting this was a great distraction for me in those early weeks and really helped me get my mind off of those things.


things here were able to open up and i quickly became really busy with social commitments, work, and uni, and things got back on track for me after that. got a new, way way way way better job and was able to reconnect with some old friends the former mrs s had more or less blocked me from seeing (red flag!), among a lot of other things.

still tried my best to keep up with the game but i know i let it drag on too long, and i am sorry for that. in spite of the length, i still had an absolute whale of a time (orca of a time?) hosting this, and i just hope you guys had as much fun as i did, playing along. i know the timezones made it not easy, but, thanks all for playing along. 321 pages later here we are. appreciate everyone who came and bought in!!

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