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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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fifth vote is for @Outpost31 - congratulations to our unanimous sole survivor!!🎉🎉🎉🎉


i have to work out now - join me in about forty minutes time and i'll post up all of the diary entries from the game!! (given we have nine jurors, outpost hit the five threshold so i need not announce the rest of the votes one by one but suffice to say he swept all nine votes)

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had a fun game even if it peaked at the beginning @Shady Slim you did a great job hosting, a lot of things were out of your control with time zones and naturally people are going to lose interest the longer it runs. 

well deserved @Outpost31 your effort was unmatched by most and I'm glad I got the opportunity to work with you on both tribes. 

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1 minute ago, bcb1213 said:

Ftr I was voting outpost the whole time but was trolling outpost and swoosh in dead chat for the pure lols.  I am a man of principle after all.  I'm not rewarding mission for not playing any challenges.. Lol 

@ET80  and @Shady Slimcan confirm 

figured you were trolling, your logic was well beyond full retard. 

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Thank you, @Shady Slim for hosting.  As soon as this was announced I told myself I’m either going to win or not play and I decided to play.  The pace was not too slow, and you did a great job considering the time differences.  

I would like to thank @mission27 for being a loyal ally in this game.  I would like to thank @ET80 for once again being one hundred percent honest and loyal.  Sorry I had to get you there, but look at it this way... After three straight games of working very well together, we can finally work against each other.  @Pickle Rick, @The Orca, always a privilege working with you.  I wish I could believe you’d turn on each other and I hate having to separate either of you, but you were great to work with from day one, then rely on when you were on a different tribe, then work with again before I got ya.  @swoosh, after being separated from ET early, you were my guy.  It hurt me to see you go, and I really was gonna take you to the finals.  You were great fun to work with and I hope you play Big Brother when @Malfatron is ready for it.  @MookieMonstah, sorry you spooked me.  @FinneasGage, thank you for trying at the end.  Was great fun to watch you fail after you ****ed me in Big Brother.

Also, to everyone... I am sorry for what I am about to say about you in my diary entries.

I am the champion!  

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before i do the diary entries, let's go through the rewards that were not claimed because the riddles were not solved. this is where i give a huge shoutout to @TedLavie, who, despite having a rough end of things by being on the tribe that was systematically decimated, was able to claim three of the advantages in the game. ted along with @bcb1213 made a lot out of their games despite getting the short end of the tribe stick. consequently, we must also give props to @ET80, who made it all the way to F3 despite getting the short end of the tribe stick

this clue went unsolved;

you seek to find a treasure, to extend your survivor life

and hope that your time here on the island will be long

and if you wish to protect yourself from survivor strife

you’ll find your safety in the game if you find the Brothers Strong

the answer to this clue was homestarrunner.com - many of you tried searching homestar runner wiki - @Ragnarok even said to me something like "if this is homestar runner then i swear...", but didn't actually link me to homestarrunner.com !


this clue went unsolved;

your search for safety in the game will take you to squalid caves

but none are perhaps as eerie as the fetish site that you seek

a man who travelled and rocked long before the days of raves

if you got it your position in the game will not be weak

the internet’s a strange place with creeps and freaks abound

but cling to hope and cling to dreams and safety will be sure

the letter of the alphabet that’s big and oh so round

and something in a common kitchen, i do not get the allure

this i didn't expect anyone to get, hehe. it was to the Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Site https://michaelkelly.artofeurope.com/karl.htm

go and have a read

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let's get to the diary entries now!! we're going in chronological order from the start of the comp

outpost starts us off early

Diary Entry #1:

I immediately tried sending Mission a PM.  I want to make sure one of me, Mission or ET wins this.  His inbox was full.  Therefore, I had to PM ET to start this.  Here is the message I tried to send Mission:

I want a final 3 with you and TLO.  I will Need protection early since Touch and Nazgul will want to get rid of me early.  I am a fan of the MOL as much as I pretend to dislike you (and I will continue to pretend this in thread).  I am giving you my word right now I will be loyal to you and TLO to the end.  You know I am loyal to a fault with the first person I make a deal with.  This is why I am reaching out to you. Everyone will assume it’s ET, and even ET will assume that.  You are the first person I contacted.

How does that sound?

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