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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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I immediately tried sending Mission a PM.  I want to make sure one of me, Mission or ET wins this.  His inbox was full.  Therefore, I had to PM ET to start this.  Here is the message I tried to send Mission:

I want a final 3 with you and TLO.  I will Need protection early since Touch and Nazgul will want to get rid of me early.  I am a fan of the MOL as much as I pretend to dislike you (and I will continue to pretend this in thread).  I am giving you my word right now I will be loyal to you and TLO to the end.  You know I am loyal to a fault with the first person I make a deal with.  This is why I am reaching out to you. Everyone will assume it’s ET, and even ET will assume that.  You are the first person I contacted.


Would ya look at that? 

To be honest, I was planning on voting out Mission and taking ET at that point. 

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mission reflects on the selection saga (where he and TLO got angry about not being on the same tribe)

thank you and you're welcome for the ratings

ted strikes it large early with a game advantage


Now I will try other idols without clues by linking to a bunch of Aussie stuff

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ET plans for the future

Journal entry (JE) 1:

Hello, everyone! Happy to be in the land of shrimp on the barbie and spotted ****. That's from Australia, right? 

So, the team breakdown did not go as expected. I'm planning on working with MoL, Outpost and Fin for the entire game (which is a departure from my usual alignments outside of Outpost, but change is good...) After the mission trade, I think they're all pitted against me? That's not good. 

So, I'm expecting to coast by on this first challenge - not paying attention, others will chime in. I'll feign like I'm doing some work, but not really going to do much over the next few challenges, actually. I've got street cred with my team and guys like Josh will vouch for me. Maybe even Naz, who knows.

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swoosh opts for some twinsanity and sets a house of cards up

slim shady, my man, it seems time to fill you on some ****. before the first competition, i made a final 3 w the twins. they're strong competitors who i expect to be loyal. i plan to return the favor. speaking of returning the favor, there seems to be rumors of incest. i think it's fake news, but you can never be sure these days. incest or not, they're my guys til the end. nothing but love for the twins. 

the start of the game has gone about as well as i could have imagined. winning the first competition to get captain status was big. the selection of tlo before mission was a troll job, but i didn't think matts would actually draft mission (i respect the troll, but had to play it up). after the blockbuster trade to land mission, i can legitimately say I landed my top 11. would have loved to land bbb in the supplemental draft, but any time you have a chance to pick up mission you have to take it. like he said, he's ricky williams without the drugs. i think he's more like ricky williams with the drugs, which is why I made the move. love my team, but in the back of the mind I'm concerned fin could align with mission/tlo to turn on me. fin seems pretty disappointed w where he was selected. you hate to see it as fin was my guy. never had more fun on this site than the time fin and i trolled town as scum in mafia. anywho, we'll see how that plays out. something to keep an eye on. 

with that being said, i think we'll roll matts' tribe and can all duke it out after that. speaking of matts' tribe, i like that they centered their team name around me. I may have created a big target on my back, so you'll likely see me kissing some *** to downplay that. 

hangedman went well. I shared a hangeman solver sort of thing with the tribe that allowed us to get the last 2 words pretty quick. once we got that, i remember daboyle mentioned something about tarot cards early on. i took to my friend google and pretty much made this game my ***** from there. the tribe is working great together, everyone is participating. we've even had some lovely banter about a girl mission slept with. i also found out he gets a boner any time he makes out w a smoker. good to know, i'll try to use that to my advantage later on. 

well sorry for the long message, there was a lot to talk about. they'll be much shorter moving forward.

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swoosh did not expect OT (this was the first immunity - there were so many more OT's yet to come!)

this sums up last night, but man was it one for the ages. half our team was sloshed. gotta bounce back. 

(shady's note: there is a gif of nick young bricking a three here but it won't copy over)

fireside c was lovely. not sure if webby would appreciate some of the convo tho. 


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swoosh proud of an immunity win...

feeling pretty good today. not hungover which is plus. the first of matts' peasants will be voted off shortly. money is on dwight. business is boomin'.


...before swoosh and the Dream Team push us to another OT

never underestimate a tribe of thugs when it comes to knowing the letter of the law.

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ET makes a new friend

JE 2:

Got a new ally in TedLavie, which is really good. He's low-key one of the best in these sort of games, very competent in challenges and very adept in the "backroom arts" if you will. While I bide my time with the tribes, I'll keep close to him. He's asking about Touch; I think Touch is busy IRL with his job, but I'd prefer to keep Touch at arms' length for as long as possible.

Matts is really doing a good job at leading the tribe - didn't think I'd say that, but he's being reasonable with some of his asks. Most importantly, he's talking in thread, which is perfect. He's just drawing the bullseye on himself, ain't he?

Not a fan of SwAg, but it is what it is I guess. 

…and thinks of where he could find more

JE 3:

Random note - being picked so late makes me feel uneasy. I'm usually a top 5ish pick, so not going that high makes me think I'm moreso expendable than usual. 

I might want to start a fight with SwAg, but it behooves me to lay low. 

If the other team has a swap option, I'm hoping MoL, Outpost and Fin bring me over - that's a group I feel comfortable with.

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swoosh gets to kick back after King of the Hill

what a victory. clutch performances from big **** whick and big **** pickle rick. not to toot my own horn, but i managed to push two ******* off, even though i'm only 5-6. proud of this team. that's what matts gets for playing prevent defense. they're playing scared. we have 'em on the ropes. 

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outpost wonders who can he trust

Diary Entry #2

I might be voting Finn out here. 

Me, Daboyle, TLO, Mission, Finn and Gopher are in an alliance.

At the same time, me and the twins are in an alliance. 

I do not trust Gopher.

I trust Daboyle.

I trust TLO and Mission.

Finn I cannot trust.  He makes a big show of loyalty, but he ****ed me multiple times in Big Brother and I ultimately lost that game because of how I tried to deal with him and his temper tantrums. 

Finn is not a good player to be aligned with.  I think I might cut the cord.  Have not yet decided.  If I do this, it is for the good of Mission, TLO and ET.  Before tribes were determined, I sent ET a PM.  I will honor that PM if he survives his tribe. 

Finn did cost us this challenge, too.  Why should Mookie have to go because Finn screwed up? 

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ted makes a move with his advantage

Confessional :

After a slow start where we all seem to be content to vote out inactives it's time to think about the next steps. 

I like most of my tribe but I have chosen to ally myself to ET and Josh - separately right now hopefully that changes soon. I think Matts bcb Rags and maybe swag are in my camp as well although nothing official has been discussed at this point. 

I've made contact with Mookie through an advantage gained in the first challenge. He's down to work with me and offered swoosh as a possible partner. Josh is close to Boyle so there's a possibility of an alliance of 6 with Mookie, swoosh, Boyle, et, josh and I. I need to discuss this with ET and then Josh see if this is workable. 

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outpost has to knife a friend in the game

Diary entry #4:

I fought over that decision right down to the wire.  If I want any chance of winning this, I cannot be tied to Finn.  His playing style is not remotely close to mine, and he was a liability.  It was dishonest to TLO and Mission, but I truly feel it was in their best interests, too, so it wasn’t betraying them.  The only question is whether or not they bought me not being responsible.  I might come clean later with them because they have to be able to trust me.  If I do come clean, I am going to quote this diary entry and send it to Mission.  

Also in an alliance with the twins.  I do not want to betray them and I won’t unless it’s them or Mission/TLO or them.  

I risked my life in this game on this move, but I can hang my hat on the fact that if I didn’t make this move, Finn would have ****ed it all up for me the way he did in Big Beother.

outpost reacts to the tribe swap
Diary Entry # Next One:

Tough situation.  With ET and Mission now, but also back with Finn, who is either stupid or knows I voted him out.  I came right out with it in a PM to Finn.  Admitted to voting him out, told him why, told him we could be enemies or we could be friends, but enemies means the death of us both.

ET SEEMS to be on board with the plan, but it’s possible he’s lying.

Right now my plan is this:

Get it to original Two **** members, then use Pickle/Orca/ET/Mission to vote everyone else out, then take out the twins and have a final two with both Mission and ET.

Mission would be my choice if I won final Immunity.

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(two you should have particular interest in here i would expect @TedLavie)

mookie makes a monster move

 I'm playing both sides like a fiddle right now, it's pretty glorious. I find myself as the swing vote and dictating where we'll go. On one side we have the remainder of Swoosh tribe (Myself, Daboyle, Orca, Pickle) then we have the other side (Ted, Matts, Bcb, Swag, Josh). I've been talking to Ted since I was on the other tribe with some "Message in a bottle" advantage he got. I've got Ted convinced we're voting out Orca, meanwhile I know Daboyle is working with Josh so I've convinced him to get Josh to vote Swag. So tonight, if all goes to plan, Swag will be getting blindsided and so will Ted. Best part is I will toss Josh under the bus after this vote, and tell Ted about Daboyle telling me that Josh was working with them. I'm like a quadruple double mole right now. So all will go well hopefully, I will then flip to Teds side and blindside Josh and then the remainder of the Swoosh tribe will pick them off one by one.

Or I'll get voted out tonight and look like an idiot when these are released. Stay tuned...

while josh is between mookie and a hard place

What an awful position this vote put me in. I’m a guy who tries to please everyone and with the 4/4 split and me being the deciding factor, I had to pick and decide if it was better to have someone who is good at challenges as we are still in teams at the moment to push us further or the guy who may or may not show up. And I like Swag, I think he’s smart as they come but he’s not always present. Maybe that’s hypocritical of me to say. When I get evicted I’ll look to this vote as the deciding point of my game.

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mookie’s play comes off nicely


swoosh hopes for a 2T1T romp to the merge

that tribal was huge. not only did one of my final 3 barely make it out alive, the other tribe now has 4-4 in terms of members from each of the og tribes. gotta imagine everyone stayed loyal except josh. good work boys. if they can convince josh to vote 1 more out, it's a wrap. 

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outpost sees a path to the finish line

Diary Entry Number 77:

Here's where I stand, Australian Jeff.

Finn and I have made up.  I admitted to him that I voted him out.  Like a little puppy dog, Finn has run back to my side after I gave him a good old whooping.  Finn, Mission, Swoosh and I are in a separate Discord chat/alliance.  The plan right now is to stick to the original 2tit tribe plan.  Get out all of Matt's guys. 


We have the numbers.  As long as nobody gets cold feet, we will eliminate all of Matt's former tribe. 

Once there is a merger, I will steer the twins.  They will be my pawns/votes.  With them, I will ensure the eradication of all of Matt's former tribe EXCEPT for ET.  Then, so as not to lose the twins votes, I will let Finn loose on the twins. 

The order of those eliminated will be:

Wyld Stallyns

This order is largely interchangeable based on which tribe wins/loses immunity. 

At some point in all this, you might have to throw in a mutiny vote.  Someone who we can't quite trust.  Gopher or Mookie are the two most likely culprits. 

Gopher and Mookie will be the first two eliminated from my original tribe.  Likely Mookie.  Mookie is too secretly good at these games to keep. 

Then I will have to take out one of the twins in case they get any ideas.  Finn will do the dirty work there. 

Ideally, it will be me, Finn, Mission, ET in the final 4. 

There are a couple possible curveballs I am anticipating. 

Mookie gets Finn out. 
Finn gets a twin out early.
The stragglers align and make a push to get the numbers (in which case I'm in trouble).
Everyone sets their sights on ET, the last of Matts old tribe. 

I will roll with the punches. 

Mission, Finn, ET.  That's the core.

If that gets broken up, I put all my eggs into the twins basket. 

I'm well-insulated and protected from chaos at this moment.  We'll see how it goes. 

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swoosh jams to tay-tay and talks strategy

shady. long time no talk. let me catch you up real quick. taylor swift released an album last night and i've been listening to it all day. this is me trying and betty are two of my favorites. album is pretty meh, but i'm sure it'll get better after i shove it down my ears. game wise, well well well. last night I was formally invited to an alliance between fin, outpost, and mission. if you remember, I have a final 3 with the twins. also, before the merge, mookie reached out to me and asked if I wanted to work together after the merge. so make that everyone but daboyle from the og tribe I have some sort of alliance with. 

interesting decisions will need to be made, but the mission (not that mission) remains the same. take out the other tribe first at all costs. if any of my original draft picks win, I will be happy. 

as I was writing this, I forgot I also don't have an alliance from gopher. surprised that dude is still alive tbh. no issues with him, but he'll have to row the boat on out of here eventually. pj is not a threat. 

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