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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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the frenchman does not surrender

I will give you the behind the scenes. Basically we knew it was between bcb and I. I was playing my idol regardless to make it to the merge and find some allies there but I tasked bcb to lobby for himself while I was giving the silent treatment to everyone else, which worked. Boyle played it well though, saying he was going to vote Mookie so that we would vote against Mook hoping for a 3 3 tie in case bcb was the vote instead of me. 

I would rather have sent home a twin or Boyle but hey. 

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outpost plans after the merge hits

This next vote is the most important vote in the game so far. 

The tension between ET and I right now is palpable.  I subtly suggested we get rid of Ragnarok first, he subtly suggested we get rid of Gopher first.  We both know exactly what the other is thinking.  ET is trying to hold onto his old tribe.  I'm trying to make sure his old tribe dies. 

Reached out to Mookie.  He said Daboyle is likely with Ted.  This is terrible news. 

By my count, it's a 6/6 tie for the next vote depending on Gopher's vote. 

I have to convince everyone against me to vote out Gopher, and everyone with me to vote out Ragnarok. 

This PM that I sent to ET is the most important PM I've sent for this game:



Alright, let's not beat around the bush on this one.  This next vote will be the most important vote of the game.  It will split things right down the middle.  You're likely afraid we would just pick you off once our original tribe had the majority, but that is not what the plan is. 

I have 4 guaranteed votes for the rest of the game.  You could be that fifth guaranteed vote.  A personal guarantee of Final Five.  The others know of and are okay with this.  Once we get to that final five, my plan is to make the final three me, you and Mission, like I planned all along. 

I am 100% confident I can achieve that goal, but it all hinges on this next vote.  If Ragnarok goes, we are golden.  If Gopher or anyone else from my original tribe goes, we're in serious trouble.

I've already heard from Mookie, and it seems Ted may or may not be working with Daboyle, which might suggest a new alliance, one you might not be a part of other than a needed vote. 

Just trust me.  I am the right choice. 

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ted begins to feel the heat on his back
Second and probably last confessional

This all went downhill once Swag got the boot instead of Orca. I'm not sure who screwed me over between Mook, Matts or bcb. I thought for a while it was Mookie but this unanimous Rags vote makes me think maybe it might have been bcb? After that, and Matts unforeseen departure, I feel like have no allies left in the game. I mean I was the only one to not vote for Rags - even ET didn't tell me anything. Twins seem to have played brilliantly so far. I don't know if they can keep it up but if they do they should win this.

That's a hole I don't think I can climb out of. I'll reach out to Pickle to save myself for a couple of votes. But even then, I have no argument for final jury should it come for me (and it most likely won't). My mistake was I got too cornered in my first strategy which was the alliance with Mookie, Josh and ET without exploring any back up options.

swoosh finds the bibendum idol

if I lose, I'm blaming it on the michelin man. thanks for putting the target on my back, jack.

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outpost sets the table for a blindside

First of all, before the diary entry, how many now?  Because that doesn't sound right.  I am concerned about Mission's vote.  Mission sometimes struggles to vote and he said last night he was going to text you his vote.  If he has not done that, reach out to him and remind him otherwise we are all ****ed. 

Diary Entry:

Alright, so here's the thing.  Daboyle has to go.  Swoosh and I have known it for a while, but we've been procrastinating it.  There was a deal.  All of our original tribe would vote out all of Matts original tribe before any of our own.  When the tribes split and changed, everyone stuck to that.  For the most part.  Then we merge into one tribe and we can talk to other players again.  I reach out to Mookie.  I reach out to Gopher.  I reach out to the Twins.  Mookie, Gopher and Twins respond.  The plan is still a go.  No response from Daboyle.  Mookie says Daboyle worked closely with Josh, who worked closely with Ted.  Ted says Daboyle has a final three alliance with the twins (ET told me that). 

I figure this doesn't make sense.  Why wouldn't Daboyle respond?  So I send Daboyle another PM telling him to vote out Ragnarok.  No response.  Then I send Daboyle an entirely separate PM literally saying, "My other PM must not have gone through," and I ask him again if he's still with us.

No.  Response.  Not only that, he has not reached out to a single one of Mookie, Swoosh or me.  Not one.  Not one since the merge. 

Then when getting the votes ready, Finn - out of nowhere - tells me Swoosh and I have to watch out for Daboyle and the Twins.  Like WTF, man.  Does that mean they're trying to get us out?  Does that mean they're working on a blindside?  He of course doesn't explain himself, but the statement is made and now it's go time. 

If this works out, Daboyle has nobody to blame but himself.  You don't ignore three PMs.  You don't hide your hidden immunity idol from your own alliance. 

Currently, Swoosh and I are running this game.  I understand I could be in the midst of a blindside myself, but Swoosh and I have been discussing the game and endgame scenarios constantly.  I feel like everybody else is just half-assing it and not really planning or thinking ahead. 

ET is with us.
Mookie is with us.
Finn is with us.
Mission is with us.

We are six votes strong in a 12 player game. 

All six of us are the only six who know about the vote on Daboyle.  ET and Mookie were told specifically to not say anything to anyone.  Swoosh and I know better than to say anything.  Mission and Finn wouldn't say anything.  It will be the first blindside if it works. 

If it doesn't work, BCB is hopefully gone and Daboyle has used up his hidden immunity idol.  That would leave, to my knowledge, only Swoosh's idol. 

but loses a close comrade

A Very Solemn Diary Entry:

Swoosh is gone.  That ****er BCB took him out.  BCB, I'm coming for you.

I started this game by sending ET a message.  Me, him and Mission.  Final three.  I had every intention of following through with that, but then the tribes got split.  ET was on a different tribe.  ET managed to make it to my tribe, but was not really any help at all in strategizing or planning.  That was all Swoosh.  Swoosh and I effectively controlled every aspect of this game from the moment the tribes split up until his untimely demise.  He deserved the final three more than anyone (except for me of course).  It was very sad to see him go, especially in that way.

But he DID pass on a hidden immunity idol to me.  And nobody knows that.  And nobody will know that until I use it. 

Right now I'm tenuous at best with the twins.  They're liable to stab me in the back.
ET has given me cause for concern.  WTF was with that missed vote, ET?  It was almost like it was on purpose.
Finn and Mission I trust.  More than anyone.  Mostly because Finn isn't really playing the game and Mission isn't active enough to plan anything else.
Mookie I trust well enough.
BCB is a ****er (all in good fun, BCB) who I now hate.
Gopher is Gopher.

The order I want everyone gone now is:

1. BCB
2. Gopher
3. Pickle
4. Orca
5. Mookie
6. ET

Ideally, I go into the final three with Finn and Mission.  I don't think any of them would get a vote. 

Edited by Shady Slim
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outpost gloats before the job is yet done

We’ve come to the part of Survivor where I gloat like I’ve already won when we all know I will **** this up somehow.

Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to the losers who went out before me and preemptively say goodbye to the losers who are still in it.  

Dwight - You could be great at this if you weren’t so slow.  I had nothing to do with voting you out, but I would have since, jokes aside, you know these games.

Nazgul - You and I have had our squabbles and our fights.  Jokes aside, I was glad you got voted out early because I would have been so tempted to reach out to you to keep you on my good side, but you’re a curse and I hate you.  

Bigbadbuff - I have no clue who TF you are.  You should feel bad.  

Whicker - You’re lazy and you have no competitive edge at all.  How you won Big Brother is beyond me.  

TLO - I don’t even know you.  I only know Mission.  Would be great if you knew what was happening and tried in one of these.  

Malfatron - I was going to stab you in the back the first chance I got.  Your Good Guy I’m not Trying Schtick doesn’t fool me, but I have to give you kudos for your approach to these games since we both know you’re just toying with everyone else in them and if you wanted to win you could skate through these games against anyone but me.  

Theuntouchable is dead to me because he’s a whiny ***** who can’t handle losing.  

Swag - You would have been a great opponent.  Mostly because I hate you, but also because you hate me.  Would have been fun to personally get rid of you, but you sucked too bad for me to have that chance.  

Mwil - You’re just… There.  You have no chance of ever winning something like this.  

Matts - You talk a lot for being so dumb.  

Wyld Stallyns - I really didn’t want to get rid of you.  I like you.  You’re a good guy.  You suck at these games and have no idea about anything playing them and you have no competitive fight whatsoever, but I like you.  

Josh - Oh, Josh.  I don’t know enough about you to say anything.  We were never on the same tribe.  

Ragnarok - You lack commitment to these games.  

Daboyle - When someone PMs you in a game like this (I know I did it twice), you respond.  If you don’t respond in a game like this, it’s considered enemy action.  I have no insults for you.  You’re a good player.  

Ted - Why didn’t you fight?  Why didn’t you send PMs to everybody to make it clear what was going to happen if they didn’t make a power play and now?  You knew what was coming.  You knew where you stood.  You knew, and yet you just let yourself die.  

Swoosh - I can’t yet.  I just can’t.  

Gopher - Why did you sign up you dumb schmuck?

Pickle - Sorry about that.  A part of me really did want to work with you and Orca until the end.  If things didn’t go my way and ET and Mission both went out, I would have.  But, as it was, I had to look at it realistically.  There are two of you.  Neither of you will ever betray each other.  That left only me against two.  What if we got to the end and you saw someone like Finn you could take with instead of me?  Someone nobody would vote for, which would ensure one of you would win?  I couldn’t take that risk with ET, Mission and Finn still left in the game.  

Mookie - I just got a bad vibe from you.  You talking up my easy win just put me on edge.  I was like, “If he knows I’m going to win, why wouldn’t he make a play to get rid of me?”  If there was someone against whom I knew I had no chance in the finals (Malf), you bet your *** I’d do everything in my power to get rid of them.

That brings me to Finn and Mission.  You’re only in this because you gave up and didn’t compete.  You were pawns.  How does it feel to be a pawn?  Mission, you could be so good at these games if you put in any effort at all.  I’ve seen it in Big Brother.  Finn, I am the least patient person alive.  I sucked it up and I adapted to the pace of the game.  Why?  Because I’m a ****ing winner, that’s why.  Do not quote me on that last sentence if I lose only if I win.  

Orca - Same as Pickle.  You’re both great at these games and a lot of fun to play against.  Genuinely thank you for competing the whole way to both of you.  You make these games fun.  If there’s one knock against both of you it’s that you have to be willing to separate from each other.  You don’t have to, but I’d suggest planting the seed in one of these games that you’d backstab each other.  Plan it so it looks like you do it, but don’t.  I do a lot of that in these games.  

BCB - Finally, BCB.  WTF is wrong with you?  Do you want to win?  First I’ll be nice, then I’ll be mean.  You have to know there’s no ****ing way in hell you would ever win one of these games without making alliances and forming friendships along the way.  You need it to keep yourself safe from the vote, you need it for numbers at jury, you just flat out need it, yet you thought you could win by competing in immunity challenges and winning 7 times in a row?  I lied.  I was mean first, but now I’ll be nice.  Bravo on the challenges.  Until that one immunity challenge where we stole coins came up, you were killing them.  But that’s just it… This is Survivor.  Of course there are challenges where you can target others and effect their winning immunity.  This is why you need alliances.  

And everybody, like, really?  Swoosh and I ran this game so thoroughly and effectively from the moment Malf went out and it looked like we were down.  None of you - NONE OF YOU - understood the game or what was happening.  None of you even considered splitting votes.  None of you considered the possibility of hidden immunity idols.  None of you considered alliances, strategy, numbers.  When the tribes merged I thought it was going to be a mad dash to the finish line of the old Matts tribe trying to turn one of us.  Shame on you!  Not ONE of us got a PM from another member of the tribe suggesting we turn.  AND WE HAD THE NUMBERS!

Have any of you ever watched Survivor?  Do any of you know how this game works?  

ET, I love you, but you should have been a LOT more suspicious of me.  It worked out well enough for you because I always do pick one person in these games to be brutally honest, open and loyal to.  Lucky you, that was you - twice in a row you lucky bastard.  Still, you should have been a bit more cautious.  And where was your drive?  Where was your competitive nature?  This game lasted like 6 months and you never felt tense, felt afraid of having wasted that whole time.  I do have to applaud your malleability though.  That’s one thing a lot of people don’t understand in games like this.  Swoosh, thankfully, had it.  If someone wants to do something different, and if it doesn’t directly harm you - Do it.  Otherwise you’re just creating tension, and you are great at that.

Swoosh… My pal.  You were excellent.  You know this game and you know it well.  It was very easy and enjoyable to work with you because you thought the exact same things I thought.  You competed until the end.  You discussed all relevant strategy and things that could come up and I didn’t even have to try with you.  We really did run this game.

And one more thing… Yeah, Finn and Mission voted however I told them to (if they voted).  How could none of you see that from like 7 tribal councils ago and rally around them at least if not me?  Y’all couldn’t even rally to Gopher when he had 5 penalty votes.  We let you have Gopher.  

I shake my ****ing head at all of you.  

Try harder next time.  

As far as I’m concerned, these are the only players who even remotely deserved to win:


Malf, too, if he wasn’t off playing the, “I’m not really trying Good Guy” role, which, granted, he almost has to play.  

The rest of you fell short either on effort or intelligence/strategy.  

Goodbye and thank you. 

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a spanner in outpost’s works?

Diary Entry:

Finn, you dumb ****.  All you had to do was STFU and not do anything and I would carry you to the final 4 before I gave you the boot.

Now I have to get rid of you instead of Orca here even though I should get rid of Orca for my game, but you know what?  You don’t deserve final four.  Orca does.  Orca didn’t try to stab me in the back.  You did.

Don’t you know I know all, I see all, I hear all?  Also don’t you know I have a hidden immunity idol?  Of course you don’t.  Only person I’ve told has been ET.  Have fun in the jury you Kumbucha.

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Just now, Shady Slim said:

a spanner in outpost’s works?

Diary Entry:

Finn, you dumb ****.  All you had to do was STFU and not do anything and I would carry you to the final 4 before I gave you the boot.

Now I have to get rid of you instead of Orca here even though I should get rid of Orca for my game, but you know what?  You don’t deserve final four.  Orca does.  Orca didn’t try to stab me in the back.  You did.

Don’t you know I know all, I see all, I hear all?  Also don’t you know I have a hidden immunity idol?  Of course you don’t.  Only person I’ve told has been ET.  Have fun in the jury you Kumbucha.

Lol.  @FinneasGage

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Lol.  I wrote that second to last diary entry when I was 100% convinced I was taking ET to the final two. 

Turns out he really should have been more suspicious of me. 

And I really don't know how this game would have gone if BCB hadn't taken Swoosh out. 

Either Swoosh would have stabbed me in the back or it probably would have been the two of us.  We made a deal when I wasn't sure if I could trust ET since he had been on the other tribe. 

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that's it for diary entries so that's it for australian survivor - congrats again to our sole survivor @Outpost31, and thanks again for all of you who played along!!!!

great bunch of blokes on this forum and such uncertain times called for an uncertain diversion - and that's what we got here. again, it was an absolute blast fellas, looking forward to continually ****posting around here with y'all as normal hey 😎

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14 minutes ago, Shady Slim said:

Daboyle - When someone PMs you in a game like this (I know I did it twice), you respond. 

He PM’d me ******* once what a clown

I provided screenshots and I rarely delete PMs (the only ones I bother deleting are the oldest ones)

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