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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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CASTWAYS!! welcome to the island, here is your first challenge!! Gold Diggers!

before you are one hundred plots numbered one to one hundred - by posting the number of the plot you want to dig in the thread, you dig that plot up!

under two of these plots are captain's buffs; the diggers of those plots become tribe captains and will get to pick their tribes once both buffs have been dug up

however! you can not guess willy-nilly - once you have guessed, you can not guess again until TWO other posters have guessed too

now we have a hundred plots and two buffs - if you do an incorrect guess i will not post against your guess, so assume that a guess is incorrect unless i come in the thread to say you've won

once we have found our two captains we'll get picking and start the first challenge!!

good luck to all castways


  1. @mission27
  2. @TLO
  3. @bcb1213
  4. @daboyle250
  5. @Malfatron
  6. @The Orca
  7. @Pickle Rick
  8. @swoosh
  9. @Outpost31
  10. @ET80
  11. @MookieMonstah
  12. @FinneasGage
  13. @TedLavie
  14. @MWil23
  15. @Nazgul
  16. @Matts4313
  17. @gopherwrestler
  18. @JoshstraDaymus
  19. @theuntouchable
  20. @Ragnarok
  21. @Whicker
  22. @Wyld Stallyns


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