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Browns hire VP of Football Operations from 49ers

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8 hours ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Kiwis and their stereotyping..


On 5/15/2020 at 9:26 AM, freakygeniuskid said:

Honestly, it's just really disgusting to have to read.  I wish someone would do something about it.

I'll look into it.

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12 hours ago, Thomas5737 said:

In 2011/12, 28.4% of New Zealand adults were obese,[61] a number only surpassed in the English-speaking world by the United States.

Takes one to know one.


If more and more people continue working from home I can only guess that we're going to get even fatter. A lot of people will forego their daily exercise routine which consists of walking to their car and then to their place of employment and the reverse at the end of the work day.

Maybe not having a daily commute, gives them the extra time to workout...

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