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AFC South Discussion Thread

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59 minutes ago, dtait93 said:


Wow... hit the dude in the back of the head while he was jawing with another person.... Glad to see they're as classy as the rest of Florida!

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1 hour ago, ragevsuall17 said:

Here's that full story on the Jags after the game... Gotta love that team falling apart... 


That is what happens when you just add players without any sense of locker room and culture. 

As much as we hate the moves or lack of moves at WR. You have to admit we don't have stuff like this happening. 

They bought the best players for a couple of years. Drafted other players with egos. And hired a coach that was bound to clash with it. An old school coach for new school players. 

Not going to write them off but don't look good for them and it's bound to get worst. 

If they start playing for self, like an environment like that can start producing, we will witness the quick rise and fall of the Jags super bowl window. 

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Love seeing the Jags fall apart. Team of mental midgets. Their window will be closed by the end of next year 

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