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Positive sign of things to come AKA no news is good news

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1 hour ago, candyman93 said:

This season comes down to how Baker performs. If he plays at his ceiling (which is Drew Brees to me) we are a super bowl contender. If he plays like last year or worse, we’re &$*#ed. 

If he plays worse than last year. We are screwed. If he plays like last year, I don’t know. Last year he was the most unlucky QB last year. Also had piss poor blocking from tackles, and had a HC who was greatly mismanaging him and the offense all together. He didn’t play the greatest but he had so much crap around him go worse that it just amplified him and his mistakes. 

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On 5/20/2020 at 3:54 PM, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

As long as I’m involved in this gif, I’m good.

*yanks at collar and looks away uncomfortably*

You see, so, like, you're great.  I just want to start off with that.

And I mean, like, you and I have this


thing, and it's amazing.  You're amazing.  We're like totally Voltron arms.  A Voltron can't do cool hand missiles and other pew-pews without hands.  So that means something.

But like, maybe you're thinking we gotta be heading toward


but I'm like, nah, ya' know?  And that would probably be more if we brought that grumpy buff dude and


into the mix, which might be risky in our s.i.p.


And I mean,


is pretty special--just you and me...well and a couple times with bpp, but that was in the past--and I don't want to ruin that because we feel we have to be all


just because I got this




Voltron chest dynamic with s.n.E.M., which is no better or worse than what you and I have; it's just more woodsy is all.


You get it.  I appreciate that about you.  You're so smart :).


And sometimes a LEO and an Aquarius are able to communicate at the mineral level, to be the head that leads the clandestine deeds of the Voltron.  You have your Tik Tok dancing and I have my secret order; we both have our ways to blow off steam.



So like, yeah, like totally spoons.  You're great. 




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tl;dr area codes
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