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Who are your favorite possible coaching candidates for 2021?

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This could be looked at in any way you perceive it to be. It could be used as a "what if all things go terribly wrong and everyone gets fired" scenario and we need replacements, or just used in general for certain coaches that you may feel would be a upgrade over our current staff.

I said this in news, the first name I'm going to throw out there is Dave Toub. One of the best coordinators in the game and the absolute best ST coordinator in football over the last 15 years. With the new rules put in place that stops teams from preventing interviews with assistant coaches and coordinators, Pace should look into bringing him back where he can work with his son and Nagy again. I hated to see him go and he would be welcomed back with open arms. 

We have discussed the flaws on the offense and defense side of the ball but outside of our kickers, special teams is an area that doesn't get the attention that it should get. For example, the Kickoff/coverage unit that was the worst in the league last season in opposing offensive starting position following a kickoff (27.2 yards) and field position means everything in football. While they have been MUCH better since Pace took over, they are still coming off the worst franchise year since 2009 and 2010, when new NFL rules were implemented, and this is one of those areas, among others, that Toub could help a lot with considering KC's same coverage units in the last 3 years have ranked 9th, 4th, and 5th in the league, respectively, allowing just 24.3 yards, 24.6 yards, and 24.2 yards. 

The Bears kicker/coverage unit ranked 10th (24.5) in 2017, 9th (25.0) in 2018, and 32nd (27.2) in 2019. 

Here is a breakdown of where the Bears have ranked in each year since 2009.




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Just want to add that KC's special teams have been in the top 5 in DVOA in 6 of the 7 years he's been there. The other year they were 9th.

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Posted (edited)
7 minutes ago, abstract_thought said:

Just want to add that KC's special teams have been in the top 5 in DVOA in 6 of the 7 years he's been there. The other year they were 9th.

Toub is the best. Hands downs. I HATED watching him go.

He was interviewed today and listening to him talk will give you a good idea of what he looks for in players


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GM - 

Peyton Manning - I'm not joking, I would love to see him patrolling the sidelines FOR the Bears rather than against them like he always was. He has talked with Indy about their GM job previously I believe and apparently had the inside track to the Jets one but turned it down. Getting him to help with a QB's development would be incredible too. 


Joe Horits (BAL director of player personnel) - Clearly BAL is attracting a ton of talent, and is a really solid roster. Also Joe has seen how they built a team around their QB to allow him to succeed. Just hard to find a fault with him. 


Nick Caserio (NE director of player personnel) - He has routinely found talent to add around Brady, and seems to be the next in line for the Pats GM job. Much like how McDaniels can be abrasive, I think Bill can too. He is free of his contract this upcoming offseason too, so he has all the ability to go anywhere. I think he goes to HOU though, takes a load off BOB and gives him another set of eyes. 


Adam Peters (SF VP of player personnel) - 49ers have put together a hell of a coaching staff and built a roster that can clearly challenge for a Super Bowl this year. He saw the Bronco team with Manning there too, so he has been around winners more than just once. 


HC -

- Lincoln Riley (OK HC)- He has been able to get QBs to play at a high level and has two number one overall picks to his name. Also highly values the run game and having his OL coached up. 


- Joe Brady (CAR OC) - I want to see how he gets Bridgewater playing. He had Burrow put up the best passing season of all time, now he is dealing with a moderately talented QB with an average-at-best arm. IF he can get things humming in CAR then I'd love to grab him and trade the farm for his guy. He spent time with Payton and Brees, and clearly was taking notes from them. 


- PJ Fleck (Min HC) - Rhule was a hot commodity because of how he turned programs around, Fleck is 2021's Rhule. Took Western Mich from 1-11 to 13-1 just a few years later then Minnesota went from 5-7 to 11-2 with him. 


- McDaniels (NE OC) - His offensive mind and ability to develop QBs is really highly regarded, (especially considering the poor cast that was top 10 in scoring in 2019) but damn he has an abrasive personality. His DEN tenure sucked but The Hoodie wasn't spectacular in his Browns days either. If he would get the job he would HAVE to have a strong GM in place. The IND ordeal is concerning too, which is why he's low on my list. 


- Byron Leftwich (TB OC)- They guy had talent but took a guy like Winston and put up a TON of yards and points. Now he has Brady and an even more stacked cast, I'm looking forward to seeing if he can adapt to how DCs alter their gameplans and how well he schemes. Could easily jump to the top of the list. 

- Bieniemy (KC OC) - Won't happen. Not going to fire a guy to hire his replacement, when he was the first's guys original replacement. I think he is doing a great job of utilizing the most talented offense if the year in 2019. Not sure how he could do with a weak roster yet. 

- Urban Meyer - No chance, but the guy just wins. Wonder how long before "health" concerns arise too. Would actually make an interesting GM candidate too. A college coach at his level literally was the face of the program and was essentially the GM for the program. He scouted opposing coaches as if he was scouting players, and built great coaching staffs year in and year out. 



Tony Elliott (Clemson OC) - This is mostly just fulfilling my fantasy of getting Lawrence by trading to 1st overall. Get Brady or someone as HC and then put they guy who knows Lawrence better than anyone as the OC here. That's my Wayne's World Mega Happy Ending, so leave it the **** alone!


Mike McDaniel (SF run-game coordinator) or Jon Benton (SF OL coach) - SF's OL has been heavily invested in, yes. But they clearly have been coached up well and schemed wonderfully.  If our HC is going to be the playcaller then I'm more than happy to have the OC be a top-level OL coach that protects the young QB and develops a run game. 


Flip - I'm a big fan of Flip, have been since he made a dreadful Browns offense have a respectable passing attack. I want him with the young QB, so I would promote him to passing game coordinator or something to try and remove some of the luster from other OC jobs. 


DCs- (assuming Pagano either gets a HC gig or retires, I don't see him being fired in any way)

Jerod Mayo (NE LB coach) - Guy has Bill's defense mastered and was the fastest hire to a position coach that Bill has ever had IIRC. Always been a people person, a leader, and a guy who commanded respect of his teammates like Mack did even without having to be a loudmouth. He may be the 2nd Vrabel. 




So my dream staff ATM- 

GM: Adam Peters
HC: Joe Brady
OC: Tony Elliott
Passing game Coord: DeFilpippo
DC: Jerod Mayo


Make the STL/TEN trade for the number one overall pick. You have a defense that can last as a top 5 unit for years, you get a franchise QB on a rookie deal, a coaching staff built to have the QB succeed, and a GM that has been around a program that keeps stockpiling talent, especially to help their young QB succeed. 

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Posted (edited)


College: David Shaw, Ryan Day, Lincoln Riley

Pro: Joe Brady, Matt Eberflus, Rob Saleh, Anthony Weaver, Josh McDaniels


Peyton Manning (I joked about him last year + Saleh as the combo), Nick Caserio, Adam Peters, Trent Kirchner

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