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The Jets and Jamal Adams

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On 5/28/2020 at 3:45 PM, Jeezla said:

I think if the Jets were in the NFC South and they didn't get to play the AFCN this past year, they would be closer to #22-25 in points. The only good offenses you went up against were Dallas, NE, and Lamar, and NE's offense was mostly only good because the defense put them in great situations. And no, the Bills are not a good offense. I would expect any team that got to play the AFCN, The Raiders, Minneshew, The Dolphins x2, Josh Allen x2, rookie Haskins, rookie Daniel Jones, and the beat to hell eagles to finish at least top 10. The fact you didn't with Jamal Adams is not good. I mean you guys got to play absolute trash offenses for all but 4 games, and still finished outside the top 15.

Defensive DVOA is adjusted for strength of opponents offense. So being ranked 10th in defensive DVOA is meaningful and considers a lot of your points.

We dont have an elite outside corner or edge. So I don’t think we can be a top  defense. But I don’t see why being above average isn’t reasonable since we were that last year and there’s no way we can be injured more than we were last year.

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I don’t think the Jets have a bad defense. They have a really gritty defense, but the talent level at edge and CB make it merely average. If they had an impact pass rusher, they become top 5-10. But until then, they’re not a top 5 defense. 

I do think their offense put them in terrible situations last year tho. Tough to play consistently good defense when Luke Falk and Chester Molester are your QB’s. 

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