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The Rakyat Rebellion - Far Cry 3 Mafia - Night Four is Thursday at 10:30pm EST

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Jason crept down the hill towards the encampment, when he reached a small shed he slipped inside unnoticed and pulled out a walkie talkie.

“Dennis? I’m in position,” Jason’s voice crackled over the airwaves, “You ready?”

“The Rakyat are ready,” Dennis spoke to Jason from the base of a radio tower about half a mile away. “Our snipers are in the treeline to the north and west, they’ll be keeping an eye on you. Several Rakyat with shotguns are ready to charge in when they hear gunfire and a team of berserkers is waiting in a truck just around the corner. Make your move, Jason. Take the final step on the Path of the Warrior.”

Jason set down the walkie-talkie and turned the knob until it clicked off. He pulled out a satellite phone and dialed Dr Earnhardt who answered after a few rings. “Hey doc, you know that thing we talked about?” Jason asked.

“Of course...” Dr Earnhardt waited in silence for what he knew was coming next.

“It’s happening. Now.” Jason was brief. “Get Liza and the others down here, we’re leaving.” Jason hung up and pulled a picture of his brother Grant from his back pocket. Dennis found it at a raid on one of Vaas' prisoner holding locations earlier in the month.  

Grant Brody is dead. He was Rakyat/Jason aligned.



  1. Grant Brody

    1. 1-shot Machete Takedown (Strongman Janitor)

      1. This move can't be blocked, redirected or protected against in any way.

      2. It is guaranteed to kill the target.

      3. Only you will learn the players role initially, but I will include it in the writeup on whichever night you wish.

    2. 1-shot Born To Kill (Vengeful)

      1. You may kill one player the night you are lynched. If you do not submit a move that night, your ability will be wasted.

    3. Win Condition: Eliminate all threats to the Rakyat.

"I'll get him for you." Jason tucked it into a rubber band wrapped around the stock of his AK-47 before slowly opening the shed door and peering out onto the asphalt runway. A small open-air bunkhouse was only about 20 yards away. Jason could hear a radio playing and the shower running. He made his way through Vaas’ pirates and into the building. He searched the main room and toilet stalls, the only person in the room was in the shower.

Jason readied his machete and kicked in the stall door. Before the man in the shower could react Jason had rammed the machete through his windpipe. He fell to the ground and Jason recognized him as the DJ who was playing the night Jason and his friends were kidnapped from the bar. He clicked the walkie-talkie back on.

“Dennis, we have a problem. That Doug guy was here, from the bar.” Jason spoke freely with the running shower and radio covering the noise. “I killed him.”

“The spotter? Good riddance.” Jason could hear Rakyat men laughing in the background when Dennis replied. “This is a good start Jason.”

“Is it? Why was he here? He’s not one of Vaas' men. What’s going on?”

“Vaas is throwing a party, Jason. We are bringing the party favors.”

“A party? I thought this was a stealth operation!” Jason felt betrayed.

“For you, it is. Just don’t kill them all before we get there. Good luck, Jason.” Dennis clicked off the radio. Jason tried to reply a few times, but got no response.

“Yeah. Good luck, Jason.” Jason muttered under his breath.

Jason exited the bunkhouse and made his way towards the main hangar. Just before he was about to make the sprint across the runway the airport loudspeaker turned on. It was Vaas, his voice carried for miles.

”Jason! I am honored!” Vaas laughed. “But you show up to my party uninvited and don’t even come see me first? Tsk tsk.”

Jason clicked his walkie-talkie on and heard Dennis talking on the other end.

”There are men in Rakyat colors at the airport. Jason, this is a trap.” Dennis sounded scared. “Get out of there Jason, we are leaving.” 

Vaas continued to taunt Jason. “Where are your friends, Jason? Are they coming? Are they on their way?”

”Dr. Earnhardt!” Jason said into the walkie. “He’s bring Liza and Riley right back to Vaas!”

”And your other friends.” Dennis reminded him. “Don’t worry Jason, I will send men to intercept Dr. Earnhardt, you just get out of there.” Dennis kept his walkie on and ran towards his converted pickup. 

“Jason I’m going to give you to the count of 10 to come out so I can shoot you quickly.” Vaas laughed again “It’s actually a very generous offer. And the only one that doesn’t end in you watching me kill your friends.”

Jason tried Dr. Earnhardt on the satellite phone, but there was no answer. “****. ****. ****.”

“Come out you chicken ****!” Vaas turned the loudspeakers off. He stomped towards the door on his tin trailer and kicked it off it’s hinges. ”TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!” Vaas screamed across the tarmac. “TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS TO WHOEVER BRINGS ME HIS HEAD!”


End of Day One: No Lynch, No Night Deaths
End of Day Two: Bcb Lynched, Hobo and Tk3 get killed
End of Day Three: After Blue is modkilled, Matts is Lynched, Pickle is hit and MWil is modkilled

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Posted (edited)


  1. @JoshstraDaymus
  2. @Counselor
  4. @daboyle250
  6. @SwAg
  7.  @Malfatron
  8. @The Orca
  12. @bigbadbuff
  13. @MD4L 
  14. @Raves
  16. @kingseanjohn


bcb lynched D2 - Rakyat Sniper
hoborocket killed N2 
tk3 killed N2
blue modkilled D3
Matts lynched D3 - Buck Hughes
pickle killed N3 - Rakyat Beserker
MWil modkilled N3 - Pirate


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Posted (edited)

Rules (Definitely read these):
Any violations of these rules may result in your elimination or replacement.

  1. Do not discuss the game outside of this thread unless given permission by me to do so in your Role PM. 
    1. When you are eliminated and there is no chance for revival, you may be given a link to the dead-chat.
    2. If you have been in the dead-chat and come back to the thread and post/like a post/quote someone/interact in thread in any way, there will be grave consequences for your team.
  2. Do not copy and paste anything that I send you. Do not post a screenshot of anything that I send you. 
    1. You are allowed to talk about specific words or phrases in your role PM, as well as type out word for word anything that I send you.
  3. Generally, you may not skip a nightly move if you have one. Missing a nightly move will result in your move being randomized and you will be replaced. This rule does NOT apply to x-shot moves that have a limited number of uses.
    1. You can send in moves early and change them as often as you want up to the night move deadline. You can also leave a contingency move if you won't be around at night time when the nightly lynch is determined.
    2. Strategically skipping your nightly move is acceptable. You must inform the host if you want to do this.
  4. Stay active and vote every day.
    1. If you fail to vote during two day phases you will be mod-killed.
  5. Do not edit posts that will change a vote count. Do not edit posts that you submitted more than 5 minutes ago.
    1. Edits should only be made to fix spelling or grammatical errors.
  6. If you are eliminated from the game you may make one final “Good Game” post.
    1. Please do not include ANY game related information in your farewell post.
    2. If your role wasn't revealed, you may not make a "Good Game" post. I will do my best to inform players when this happens.

Other Stuff (Read these or don’t, but at least pretend you did):

  1. Voting deadlines will be announced at the start of each day phase.
    1. Timestamps will be used to determine deadlines, not a post by the host.
  2. If the day phase ends in a voting tie we will have a 15 minute overtime.  (10pm Night deadline = 10:15pm OT Deadline)
    1. You may continue to vote for any player during OT, not just the players tied for the lead.
    2. ALL Night Moves will be do promptly at the conclusion 15 minute overtime
    3. If there is a second tie after the 15 minute overtime there will be no lynch and the night phase will begin
  3. Night moves will usually be due within 10-20 minutes of the lynch writeup. 
  4. Flavor is just that, flavor. Intended to inform you of a move or action that occurred but not necessarily describe it literally. If anybody wants any clarification on what is flavor and what is actual information, they'll need to ask me.
Edited by Dome

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6 minutes ago, Counselor said:



 I’m in @Dome

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Just now, JoshstraDaymus said:

@daboyle250I know we discussed a break but I can't do it, and I need my boy.

Da Boy Le!!!!

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Just now, Counselor said:

Da Boy Le!!!!

Legitimately was the biggest revelation of last game for me.

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1 minute ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

Legitimately was the biggest revelation of last game for me.

Me too. Mind blown! He will still always be Daboyle. 


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5 minutes ago, Counselor said:

Da Boy Le!!!!

is me

7 minutes ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

@daboyle250I know we discussed a break but I can't do it, and I need my boy.

I'll consider it just for you bby

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