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BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

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6 hours ago, Reginaldm9 said:

Idk man, my favorite part of this is how it isn’t fantasy football. It’s like a legit team. I like looking up players who could make a big impact who most people don’t normally think of.

if some people aren’t into the long haul style of building a team then maybe this isn’t their jam, which is fine and probably part of the reason we haven’t done it in so long.  But it’s just a different animal. 

I agree. BTW I had an idea how to incorporate name value/ opinion of best teams with stat fantasy style.

Do a pre-season winner and post season winner.

We have a big vote thing for best team before the season. Then a fantasy FF, stats driven winner after the SB.

Makes most sense to me.

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49 minutes ago, Dawgpoun8017 said:

The Joe Exotics select

DT- Dexter Lawrence 


OLB- Bobby Okereke


TE- TJ Hockensen


FB- Dan Vitale



Hock and Okereke were on my short list. It was a tough call picking Deion Jones over Okereke.

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