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Hue's Playcalling

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9 minutes ago, ditchdigger said:

Neither of those offenses have a 21 year old rookie though.  Or #1 WR options signed from another team's practice squad 4 days earlier.

You may understand the circumstances, but it doesn't seem as though Hue does.  He is refusing to tailor the offense to the players he has.

Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald aren't suiting up in brown and orange.  Ever.

So now Hue should simplify the offense? 

Lol which one is it man? 

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1 hour ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

They are close together because it forces the defender (in a zone coverage) to pick one player to cover closely.

If it's man, you hope DeValve beats the LB.

That play works well unless the defense drops 6-7 in coverage, which they did. Good call by the defense. 

If they blitz and/or leave LB's and corners 1:1, that's likely a TD.  

Again, Kizer needs to read both options quickly, go to plan B (scramble for a score if able) or lastly just throw it away.

The play was fine.

Agreed, there were a few problems with that play. The defense was in cover 0, but theroll out influenced the safety to bite hard, if anything, it would have been a lot easier if we stayed still. Also I'm not sure if Higgins ran the right route because if we would have rubbed #26, it would have been an easy money TD.

Also the throw was bad, must admit, if anything if none of that happened, all he had to do is throw to the pylon, easy TD. They bit hard on the flow, plus a combination of a bad throw = interception.

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Just now, ditchdigger said:

Ranked where in neutral game situations, 32nd? Sample size is important, unless you're looking to make a point that defies what simple observation refutes.

simple observation shows the above.  we ran a bunch agianst the jets when we werent down a bunch.  

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18 minutes ago, mistakey said:

simple observation shows the above.  we ran a bunch agianst the jets when we werent down a bunch.  

My point is that we would be down a bunch less had we ran the ball more in the other 4 games.

The sample size is one game, and the rookie QB was pulled halfway through it.


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16 hours ago, ditchdigger said:

Look at the 3rd and 3 play from the 5 where Kizer threw the INT.

WR and TE (the only 2 options), 5 yards apart at best, run quick outs on the short side of the field against a 7 man drop.

Worst call of the day IMO, and there were some bad ones.

Right, at what point do do you stop getting cute and use the most expensive offensive line in the NFL from within 5 yards and just run the ball 3 times in a row. Not any stupid shifting, play action or audibles. Line up and run the darn ball with your big back in Crowell up the middle. Its not difficult. In no way should Kizer be throwing the ball inside the 5 yard line with his constant penchant for bad reads and turnovers. Let that happen in the middle of the field and let the veteran line and Crowell take over within the 10.

I just see no easy routes and its upsetting. The only time in the first half we saw a normal route was when Ricardo Louis ran a 5 yard slant, caught it and got about 8 yards out of it. WHY cant we do that more often so Kizer can learn to get the ball out faster on simple 1 read and throw routes. It will help him speed up his internal clock and THEN he can work on the 15 yard routes once he has perfected the simple quick hitters. I honestly challenge all Browns fans to watch the game and count how many times all WRs on the field run off the TV screen because they are running 15 yard routes. Kizer holds the ball because hes always looking 10+ yards out and forces passes. Its embarrassing

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11 hours ago, mistakey said:

he does.  kizer apparently cant do it.  two cases in point - 1st one was in the flat to crowell in red zone before first fumble.  not only was it late, but it was high.  2nd one was down in the redzone again.  it was a 3 yard hitch to i think it was louis.  it was late.  barber even commented on how late it was.  he was late on his red zone slant for an INT a couple weeks back.  


now when hogan gets in, the same playbook looks entirely different.  its fast.  

I think its because he is reading the defense starting at 10-20 yards then comes back to the line because thats where the routes the playcall is made for. Hes reading the defense back to front when a 21 year old QB needs to start reading defenses front to back. You can see when he takes the ball out of the shotgun (far too often IMO) where he gets the ball and his eyes immediately go downfield where all the WRs are running and if he can dance around for 4 seconds and nothing is open, his LAST read is the dumpdown to Duke or whoever is the safety valve standing 5 yards off the LOS.

Nothing seems to be tailored for him to simplify the game and make one quick read and throw because all of the plays are medium to deep routes causing him to force balls and take sacks because he cant get the ball out quick enough.

IDK, sorry for the vent session on this but I keep thinking it will change each week and it hasnt. Its maddening.


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I thought Hue's play calling except for the 4th down play in the 4th was excellent. Didn't have a problem with the decision but rather the single back formation. On Kizer's int Deshone could've lobbed it to Devalve or Seth could have ran a flat route. By doing that the angle changes and he could have caught it and stretched for the 1st. If Kizer makes a better pitch to Crow I think he has a good shot at getting in on that 1st TO. 

Hue called the game the right way with the given players. Instead of looking for WR's deep we took advantage of the 10 yard routes they are good at. Then when they went deep the TE's were wide open in the middle of the field. If Kizer looks at them we'd have a couple more TD's. The TE's get that open because our WR's go deep so often that the safeties cheat towards the sidelines. Duke's touches weren't telegraphed. 

Two missed field goals, 3 TO's inside the opposing 5 and a TO deep in our territory killed us. While that is so Browns, the huge bright spot in it is that we at least seem to have solidified our identity on both sides of the ball with Britt out and Myles in. Skill positions on offense were utilized to their strengths. While the WR's aren't explosive, they can move the chains and the TE's and RB's can pick up the chunk plays. Defensively having a chess piece like Myles gave our DB's confidence to attack the short and intermediate routes.



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